Firelands is approved to use the Rad Source irradiation cleaning method. :(

  1. It’s not the machine itself that’s so upsetting it’s that companies are using this machine as means to sell flower that normally would have failed quality inspection for bacteria, contaminants, etc.

  2. Can you maybe explain HOW they’re safe though? I’m sure you could understand how to the average patient this is alarming.

  3. The machine is totally unsafe. Chances are you are complete talking out of your ass on behalf of the corporations looking to profit off of this machine.

  4. Do you have a stake in this machine or something? It's not about being unsafe. This is about choice. Maybe I have unknowingly used products that have been through these machines. But if I have the choice and know which companies are using it and which ones aren't, I will choose the ones that aren't because that flower is of higher quality. See? It isn't about safe or unsafe. It's about choice, transparency and quality of the end product.

  5. Translation: Firelands has bribed the right people for approval. Seriously doubt there was anyone like Patient advocate robert kowalski presenting any type of counter point. The Board is simply a Rubber Stamp (a person or organization that gives automatic approval or authorization to the decisions of others, without proper consideration) for the companies.

  6. I agree we have no reason to think it’s unsafe but I think companies should be more up front about remediation techniques so when people find out it happens they don’t think it’s a scandal….. also biosecurity and good growing practices prevent most mold mildew and other things in flower that cause it to require remediation so it’s also preventable with effort as far as indoor goes

  7. Thanks for sharing. I wonder if the state will tell us who else is approved (radiation, bud box, or other forms of sterilization of flower sold to consumers as flower for vaporization)?

  8. Are they going to listen to PATIENTS that want these types of things disclosed? Or just the money makers? I just want to know. It's simple. Let us decide what we do with the information personally.

  9. The FDA approves a lot of things that are unsafe unfortunately, I'll still buy firelands scientific I'm not worried 🤷‍♂️

  10. It's not FDA approved. NV asked rad source to get the machine approved and they couldn't. The FDA will not look at devices for a federally banned substance unfortunately. So it's basically a no comment from the FDA. Here's the background about it in NV:

  11. I did, there is a post I did about the JDOG& GHOST OG. There answer of course was there is no mold it past ppm test for mold and blah blah also told me that the weed is supposed to taste like that it's not there fault for my preference. Yea that's what's up I have no idea what I'm even talking about. I'd say it's a safe bet FiSci would have the same attitude. There was also another post about several other klutch strains that had mold smell and taste.

  12. I was wondering how they took care of that in a matter of days... I can't think of another way unless they were just sitting on a full harvest...

  13. This is one of those times where we would all cheer for Captain Planet to show up an destroy the corporations that think this practice is safe and acceptable.

  14. Dude, you know this machine was originally designed for blood purification that is used in blood transfusions and has saved many people's lives. Health and safety agencies love this technology.

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