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  1. Supplementing Taurine daily dramatically reduced my MJ induced anxiety. Totally changed the experience for me. Everyone’s body chemistry is different of course. Might be worth a shot though.

  2. I know everyone is different and I will talk to my doctor first but did taking taurine have any side effects for you? I don't alway get anxiety with herb but sometimes I do still and have gone through longer periods where I just couldn't use it.

  3. Here to second Northern Lights, LA Kush Cake, and magnesium deficiency. A magnesium supplement really helped with my weed-induced anxiety. I use for chronic pain too, and will also second anything that has linalool for both pain and anxiety. If I’m out and about or have a severe anxiety spike during the day, I use a Klutch Ice Cream Cake cake luster pod, which I’ve seen have anywhere from 9-14 mg/g linalool, or Cerified Grandaddy Purple cartridge, which rocks 32 mg/g of linalool. They have been absolute life savers.

  4. The Banana Cream by Rhythym I got 2 weeks ago had .47% Linalool, 2.43% total terps (no Bisabolol though). I'm thinking about doing a "Linalool Lovers Unite" post that we can all add strains to, like the "Terpinolene Lovers Unite" one, if there isn't a Linalool one yet. Should I do Linalool and Bisabolol together?

  5. High % THC Sativa strains, or Sativa leaning Hybrids with a lot of Pinene and Limonene give me the 'noids. Auditory hallucinations, anxiety, accelerated heart rate or a perceived pounding in the ears etc. Learn the terpenes that affect you negatively and work from there. Sadly some cultivators in Ohio offer no terp profiles at all online or on their labels (LOOKING AT YOU GROW OHIO!) and it is a problem for the dispenser and the patient when that is absent.

  6. Ask your bud tender what products have a higher concentration of other cannabinoid and a lower concentration of THC and try those

  7. Try taking one L-Theanine 200mg capsule in the morning or an hour before you medicate. Over the counter supplement which relieves anxiety especially when paired with caffeine or stimulating sativas with a lot of ocimene, terpinolene… I take it daily with my Adderall to avoid jitters and anxiety. I recommend it to literally all of my friends and patients.

  8. Some of the minor terpenes are hard to profile correctly. I feel the same way about Linalool but I can't really say what's wrong with it. Just seems to make me feel zombified.

  9. Pretty much anything indica works for me, though if I smoke too much of that, I get anxious too. Sativa, though, I avoid like the plague as there's a really, really fine line where shit goes from "this is great and life rules" to "omg I'm fucking dying, I'm having a heart attack and I'm going to die" instantly.

  10. I got way too zooted off Salty Watermelon after my first legal purchase and I had plenty of experience before. At least I knew how to handle a rough experience. Cannot imagine what it's like for someone not knowing better.

  11. most people seem to have that experience when hitting adult age (if that applies to you) and either quit or find what works for them. i personally get anxiety more often than not from poorly flushed flower than any specific terp, but terpinoline, ocimene, and i think an “h” one are all racy

  12. I was having high anxiety as well. I’m not much of a smoker and microdose my flower. I did some research and found out the likely culprit was the sativas. I switched to primarily indicas and no longer have it.

  13. Sativa's are the needle in the haystack for me. Find the right one and you'll never write them off again. I have to be very careful selecting one though.

  14. Yes, I find this to be a hard fix because for me if the bud is hitting me in a good way, I will feel some anxiety. Sounds strange ....

  15. This could also be something that happens because you are expecting it. This used to happen to me but it was all in my head.

  16. Sometimes that is the case with me you are absolutely correct the anxiety it gives me is easing away though it seems like time is everything.

  17. I thought I knew what strains were good for anxiety until I read this thread. So lost. All I know is most Indicas set off my anxiety something fierce. I will get physically ill. Only one I have enjoyed in the past year: Northern Lights which is also very inexpensive at my local dispensary.

  18. I highly recommend Electric PB Cookies for someone looking for Sativa effects without the anxiety. It's a hybrid but it hits really nice. High in Limonene too so it should not make you more anxious. I cannot recommend that strain enough.

  19. OP, are you going through a particularly anxious time in your life right now? When I've been there I've found that no matter what strains I consume when I'm anxious, unfortunately it makes it worse. Especially if I over do it with the weed. My advice would be to figure out whatever is making you anxious outside of cannabis, resolve that and then like magic, no more anxiety from cannabis!

  20. Yes I am my grandpa died on my birthday this year and since then my anxiety and depression has been off the charts I finally got to the point to where I'm okay with lower thc indicas aren't giving me severe anxiety or anxiety anymore. I also use in low doses. This has never happened to me before I used to be able to smoke as much and of whatever strain I wanted and be fine. I'm guessing this is just going to take time I was just seeing if I had any options out there.

  21. You can get anecdotes and opinions from people but a lot of it is your individual body chemistry. The way a strain hits you specifically. Find what strains set you off and avoid strains closely related. Certain Terpenes can increase anxiety. Pinene and Terpinolene can increase anxiety. Limonene has anti anxiety properties so it's my favorite. The worst strain I've had was Super Lemon Haze by Grow OH. People love it but it was not good for me.

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