Does this mean Board of Pharmacy will tell medical and nursing boards which people have medical cards?

  1. Also they see everything. How much you buy and strains all that. If you got a half today and a half tomorrow they’d be like whoa Cheech and Chong!

  2. I guess I should have been clearer — will the board of pharmacy tell the medical board or board of nursing which healthcare workers have cards?

  3. Those other boards would have to request that information as I doubt the board of pharmacy has enough $ to dedicate people to proactively informing medical & nursing boards about who does or does not have a card.

  4. From my understanding anyone who can write you a script can see your mmj script. Don’t go to a place of care that you can’t trust. It’s important for your healthcare team to know everything you’re using.

  5. Oh for sure! But my query is whether the medical board or board of nursing can pull a list of which healthcare workers have cards in order to punish them. Most if not all healthcare workplaces in OH are “drug free.”

  6. My head Med doctor always jokes with me about the strain names I’ve bought in between visits. I had to explain how blueberry cookies isn’t an edible last visit haha

  7. When my wife got her card she got a call from her psychiatrist same day. In addition, when she renewed, her physician was able to see the noted renewal.

  8. Question if you're able to answer. Would this still be an issue if I went to a doctor in a different state? I live and work in two different states anyway.

  9. My psychiatrist knows and she still prescribes me benzos. But I am a severe trauma patient. She knows what I have to do to get to sleep. She supports my medical mj use.

  10. I tell all of my doctors I have a med card if they don’t support I will find one that does. Am I not supposed to do that?

  11. My concern is if a person works in healthcare can their board of medicine/nursing pull their records and see they have a card.

  12. I mean, as a doctor, if I'm prescribed an opioid and I take it responsibly, I expect the same rules to apply if I'm recommended medical marijuana and take it responsibly. Although I don't care for the invasion of privacy from the state medical board potentially peeping in on me, I like to believe they wouldn't do it- or at least make a fuss about looking me up- unless there was good reason to suspect something amiss.

  13. Yeah that’s what I’m concerned about! I don’t care if the doctors I see know about the card. It just seems strange that they added this bit in about organizations that govern healthcare workers.

  14. Considering my PCP is the one who told me to get a MMJ card I dont forsee this being a problem for me but I can see where some people wouldnt want this info shared 🤷‍♀️

  15. That is correct. It allows the agency to request such information. However, i used to work in the ER and had access to OARSS. The same reporting system used for all medications for all patients in Ohio. If you have a med card, any medical professional can look up your OARRS and see what youve purchased and how much. Pretty crazy.

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