Any Indica Fans?

  1. When you can find them: Gelato (and really, any iteration), Sunset Sherbert (my personal favorite), Northern Lights, Dosidos.

  2. I'm loving LA Kush Cake from ancient roots right now too, I'm using it as my wake and bake, it's got enough sativa to get that energy kick first thing without triggering anxiety which I also have really bad.

  3. Butterfly Effect - Triple Chocolate Chip. It’s the one thing that knocks out my Tourette’s better than anything else I have ever tried.

  4. Another vote for Triple Chocolate Chip. I just tried it last night and it helped me fall asleep and stay asleep. It also helped with my arthritis pain too. Very relaxing feel.

  5. If you like edibles, the Camino Midnight Blueberry gummies are a must have. They'll definitely give you that feeling you're looking for and the best sleep of your life.

  6. I used to exclusively smoke sativa's but now I'm indica or nothing, can't do sativas or hybrids anymore because they get me crackhead paranoid these days and prefer to keep a more-so lucid head then when I used to smoke sativas. I train jiu-jitsu almost every day and will smoke before and after. Smoking beforehand helps me with physical symptoms of anxiety (I don't get mentally anxious from jiu jitsu anymore but my body still definitely does) and I'm forever grateful that indicas help with the post training adrenaline dump and will get me into a relaxed state almost immediately. Also a big fan of the Buckeye Relief Garlic Breath 2.0

  7. I haven't tried the 2.0 but Garlic Cookies are exactly what someone that is looking for an indica should try. It's my go to.

  8. Klutch's Jealousy is one of my favorite indicas for it's sedative properties, the Live Resin Luster Pod is a nice maintenance vape for pain relief throughout the day when used in moderation. Beautiful and effective flower, great in the pod format as well.

  9. I didn't like the Chocolate Mint OG. Made me feel weird, but that's just me. Lots of people like it. If you're sensitive to certain strains maybe pass.

  10. you can still do sativas and hybrids. you just gotta find out what terps are giving you those paranoid effects and avoid those terps.

  11. It’s at a point now where I don’t even want to try and risk having that aftermath. Which is okay with me. There are a lot of great indicas out there that fit my needs.

  12. Lemon Dosidos by BR has great effects. I'm careful with sativa dominant strains but there are some good ones out there. Picked up some 92 Cookies and it's nice in the morning.

  13. I normally do sativa but got galenas astral destiny and it’s the first shit I’ve used in a while that made my eyes look like cherries

  14. One of my absolute favorite is Grmpz by butterfly effect. It can make me sleepy or focused depending on which mood or part of the day it is. Its an indica and it's super calming and somewhat giggly lol.

  15. I've been hesitant about Snowball because one seen some reviews where people say it feels more energizing... I'll have to try it though. I've been wanting to for a long time now...

  16. Ice cream cake by klutch. Sherbhead by klutch imma indica smoker I know some good sativa but this program doesn’t have it! Also try white truffle by klutch it’s a pretty gassy strain straight indica nice to smoke before bed

  17. Berry Gelato and northern lights carts are the absolute best things I’ve had in the program. Both taste great and keep me nice and relaxed.

  18. I had a artifact dual OG and I am pretty sure it's about as good as it can get. A truly beautiful terp profile and pleasant couch lock.

  19. Strawberry Fields vape from Ozone is my go to bedtime indica, I keep it on my nightstand as I get severe muscle spasms at night and one rip and 5-10 mins I'm back to sleep.

  20. Second breakfast, dual OG and blueberry cookies by galenas. Motorbreath by FRX is also a solid one. Most galenas strains are on the indica side. Layer cake by butterfly is also a sleepy one

  21. I am a fan as well. I stick with Farkas Farms (Bullseye), Pure Ohio Wellness (POW), and sometimes Buckeye Relief for flower. Butterfly Effect and Klutch for oil. Right now, I’m enjoying Problem Child (Farkas) and Cherry Star (Ascension) and I am very pleased with both!

  22. I've had good luck with combining some high grade cbd flower and indica hybrids. Leads to enough smooth relaxation to settle my body down to at least try to sleep and knocks the anxiety right out, very chill vibes with cbd flower in general, day or night. Usually mix with medical flower, but in the mornings especially just cbd gets me where I want to be. Mixing cbd w medical at night takes the edginess that can come with the thc heavy flower.

  23. Try having chronic pain bro I got no choice but to grab an indica haha. I’ve managed to try a few good sativas or hybrids but man if I go a week or so without may indica I’m suffering big time haha

  24. I buy indica or hybrid 95% of the time I’m tryna be chilled out when I smoke bc I’m already too energetic I want my weed to make me even more wirey

  25. I am a huge fan of every strain mentioned above with most on hand currently. If you want a true indica masterpiece, look to garlic sundae #88 from the botanist. Get it and thank me later!

  26. Galenas Dual OG, Gorilla Nut, and Astral Destiny; Farkas Farms Lemon Sunset OG, and Wonka Bars; Klutch ICC; Riviera Creek Lost River, and Woodward Sunset Sherb are all nice heavy hitters, imo.

  27. I like my indicas some sativas don't work for me Irritated and anxious on Blackjack in particular. Lemon dosi,Garlic breath and lately Northern lights all get a thumbs up from me.

  28. BR Lemon Dosidos, Woodward True OG, Galenas Dual OG, BE Triple Choc Chip, BE Triple Crown, FS Tally Mon (smells good, sedating for me but always super dry), Klutch Big Head, Rythym Banana Cream. I haven't had it in a year or so and it is usually lower in THC but BE Crushed Berries at least used to be a good one too. Smelled like wine.

  29. A strain I haven't seen mentioned is Intergalactic. I have had the best sleep the last few weeks since finding this. Extremely sticky reminded me of GG4. I tried to medicate during the day however it'd just knock me out so it's a night time use only strain for me. It's from a company that hasn't had the best track record but they've got this one dialed in. Matter is the brand name. Believe it was their Wapokenata store.

  30. Hey friend- deal with the same stuff this way, although I’ve realized sticking away from terpinolene and omnicene helps with the anxiety and depression.

  31. Cure Ohio's Afghani is a nice body high, headband, soothing Indica. Flavor and nose both are reminiscent of mushrooms, tea leaves and fruit peel. Klutch, while pricey, cultivates some nice indicas as well. Jealousy, Ice Cream Cake and Budino are all very very relaxing with nice pain relief coupled with it. I love Buckeye Relief, but if I am being honest, Dosidos (and Lemon Dosidos) give me the munchies to a degree that it's not as calming as it should be. Once I've eaten I can relax, usually. Lastly I'm sure everyone is (or should be) familiar with Riviera Creek's Stambaugh Garlic Cookies. It is consistently the highest percentage THC content in Indica (and hybrid and sativa TBH) available. It manages to retain some terpene quality while pushing 33-37% on the regular and will put you down like an elephant tranquilizer.

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