Kush Mints Shake harvested by Curaleaf

  1. That’s what I was thinking. I was literally just looking at some curaleaf shake that was on sale (may have even been same strain exactly) the other day but passed because I was expecting literal shake.

  2. I have never got lucky like this I saw a few posts like this before I bought some and got shake no buds or anything I'm not complaining I just want to know how do I get to be this lucky lol good find fo'sho

  3. Yeah I was honestly convinced at first this was a mislabeled bag of smalls but I guess not. This is my best find for only being in the program for about a year!

  4. I got the same hours ago. Mine had a couple grams of shake but otherwise looked the same! Pure fire at 45$

  5. Weird how no one in this sub complains about a dispo or cultivator when they make a mistake and you basically get popcorn instead of shake lol

  6. Uhhhh fuck yeah! I feel like you just got yourself a deal. I’ve grabbed normal 10ths and have gotten buds around that size.

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