I don't know why everyone sh!ts on Cokoh

  1. I can't say that I've seen posts ppl shitting on cokoh but def wouldn't surprise me cuz they are a budget brand seems like most ppl shit on budget brands. I got a half of this at harvest for 30%off which made it 88 otd. This is easily the chunkiest half I've ever gotten plus it comes with an integra pack . Now wasn't super fire it anything but for the price it's great specially if you go through a lot of flower and concentrates like myself it serves it's purpose in my cabinet.

  2. I think you’re exactly right. That’s how I feel about Butterfly Effects SLH. For the price, sure that super lemon haze isn’t terrible.

  3. I picked up their lemon cherry pie awhile back and was impressed for the price. Looked great, like yours, covered in trichromes. Smelled good in the bag, and great after grinding. The only thing I wasn't super impressed by was the taste; it was just kind of bland when combusted.

  4. The taste is a bit bland but I'm loving the effects! Definitely mellow and eases anxiety. I'm a happy camper lol.

  5. This is too relatable bro. Like yeah the herb vape is the best for taste. But if you can still taste the terps after burning it, you know you’ve got some gas. Shout out Klutch Orange 43

  6. Agree, cokoh is becoming my favorite discount grower to buy from. I got 2oz for $225 a few week ago of smalls, then an oz of sticky bunz for 160, which were the best buds iv had in 2 years of the program. Very underrated imo

  7. This process no longer happens at Cure Ohio/Chizle/Cokoh. This was something old management did, but that management team was fired back in March. The "cleaning" process no longer happens and hasn't happened since March. I have a roommate who works there currently and has worked there for 2 years.

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