I'm so done with Pure Ohio, This crap has zero effects. unless you rolling a 3 gram Wood. I need a new cultivator for when I'm on a budget. how's Cokoh?

  1. I have the orange MAC and I love it! Took a chance POW has let down before was done with them for awhile but the last 3 halve I had were good! Other 2 were HOW & caramel cream!

  2. I just picked up the orange mac today but haven't had a chance to try it, thanks for commenting! I have had good experiences with them so far, I got the Hiker's blend (I think I have the name off) and it was really good, haven't seen it in a while now though!

  3. This is definitely your own personal tolerance, because both of those get me fried with one half gram bowl. But if you’re someone smoking woods, that would explain it. Slow down and use it as medicine man…3 grams is not necessary for medicine at all, that is souly recreational at that point.

  4. Not trying to start an arguement but I think the OP might have just been giving reference, possibly exagerrating, either way different strokes for different folks when it comes to how certain strains effect our endocannabanoid systems. Also, cultivators aren't always consistent in how they cure their products from bag to bag, which can effect potency etc and give you a "bunk" bag/jar. Farkas and Klutch both come to mind first besides POW even though it feels like truly well cured herb is a rarity in the program. Can be really great stuff but sometimes it will look great and have virtually no effects (check the sub, I am far from the only one reporting this specifically from these companies). Sincerely not trying to be an a-hole, just suggesting we don't tell people they aren't using medicinally when we don't know every variable at play. At minimum, it's not really helpful.

  5. You can generally find some good deals on smalls of different strains of Buckeye Relief when shopping the sales. Last week I picked up a half of NYC Flow and Cake It Easy smalls for $88.25 each.

  6. Yeah the gelato half oz smalls I got was much less than desirable. And VERY small compared to other companies’ smalls. Wasn’t psyched about it

  7. Depends on the strain and batch, honestly. Although that has also been my experience with all of ohios growers. I have been liking cokohs "fresh powder" lately, it's nice and sticky, great effects.

  8. I'm ripped off a cone of orange mac right now, been smoking pretty much My whole life. Nothing you can do but rotate between strains, I'll smoke something different every day rotating between the two or three on hand and combos them in various combos. It's helps

  9. Pure Ohio wellness used to be a good option but now they are getting greedy and way overpriced for the quality of their product. Especially when there are higher end cultivators charging the same amount for a lot of their tenths!

  10. This 100% — they have some specific strains to stick to. Namely gelato and animal mints lol. The rest is meh, except maybe blue blast.

  11. 125 smalls is a little steep, the POW are usually 88 plus tax ... not a huge difference I guess, and runtz is supposed to be killer

  12. Cokoh flower is better than you’d expect for the price. Even the popcorn gives some decent size nugs that other companies would sell in a regular batch.

  13. I got one of these bags and I'm literally still going through it. Few one hitters and I'm zooted and I usually just smoke wax. How's your tolerance? Don't blame the cultivator for your tolerance.

  14. Got cokoh for one of my first buys and was impressed, got a half of cherry pie I think for cheap and the buds were way better than expected. Would definitely try them again if I find a good deal as I re up

  15. Funny, several people on here saying how "fire" the Orange MAC is. I haven't tried it but just interesting how different people's experience with a given strain or cultivator is in this program. I could be wrong but I feel like a lot of people on this sub reddit were used to lesser quality flower before the program so as long as it gets them high and has any scent whatsoever "it's fire" and "gassy" lol. I'm going to take your word on the Orange MAC for now, thanks.

  16. Cokoh has some pretty solid flower, especially for their prices. Galactic Runtz is pretty sick, all purple nugs. I had the Milly Grace 2.83 last week and it was a good sativa effect. Kept me moving during the day time.

  17. You did the right thing by picking up gelato. This is the best strain they offer. Actually, my all time fave in the program.

  18. I told them my half of gg4 smelled like mildew and mold and they told me that “maybe that strain isn’t for me”…no shit it’s not for me, moldy bullshit! Staying away from pure Ohio forever

  19. See, I was literally just talking with someone who, like me, had bad luck with SLH recently. I was getting it regularly when it first came out, like for 2-3 months and it was room filling lemon, sticky, loaded with yellow trichomes but last month I got it and it was dry with barely any lemon scent. The Black Jack I got actually smelled more like lemons that time. Maybe them and myself got bad tins/batches but that never happened before with SLH so I'm timid to give them my money again.

  20. I smoke a half of regular size buds in 3 days max. Everyone is different. And if the bud was weak like he says it is it would go even faster.

  21. Just tried High Divorce Rate, and you really can't tell it's "budget" stuff. Green and purple fluffy smells like gas, feel it after 3 hits

  22. I like POW but I hate their halves of smalls. Their 10ths are very nice with high terp levels, but their smalls miss the mark, imo.

  23. Got pure ohio for the 1st time recently and was pleasantly surprised with the quality and taste. I guess each batch is different tho

  24. Harvest of Ohio has halves for 88$ the first two hours they are opened. Lower THC levels but def high in temp. Good gas for the price for sure!

  25. No effects..? lol Go do some heroin then, not sure what you’re complaining about. Sounds like weed just isn’t doing for you, go do opioids then if marijuana has no effects on you lol

  26. You really this mad over my experience. I bet you got bullied as a kid. It's so weird to see folks angry over nothing. Grow up dude. I sell ya daddy some heroin.

  27. You really this mad over my experience. I bet you got bullied as a kid. It's so weird to see folks angry over nothing. Grow up dude. I sell ya daddy some heroin.

  28. You really this mad over my experience. I bet you got bullied as a kid. It's so weird to see folks angry over nothing. Grow up dude. I sell ya daddy some heroin.

  29. You really this mad over my experience. I bet you got bullied as a kid. It's so weird to see folks angry over nothing. Grow up dude. I 'll sell your Momma some heroin

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