New to Ohio's program and looking for recommendations

  1. I'm more thinking about brands that overall fail on product freshness, trim, or outright short the weights (few companies in NY did that shit, along with messing with thc content on their documentation and labeling).

  2. Lol….so can I say Klutch or no? After trying most, Klutch and Firelands Scientific are my favorite flowers. Rivera Creek is sold as high THC and higher price but I just haven’t had good quality the two times I’ve purchased. Always way too wet.

  3. 2.83 Grams “the ohio tenth” is a 1 day supply of flower it’s 28/10=2.83 Bc I guess they think an eighth 3.5 a day is too much 110 mg is a 1 day supply of edibles The next is more complicated 590 mg thc is is one day supply of concentrate or wax usually sold in .86 -.89 gram container bc in the max thc per gram of concentrate is 70 percent sometimes cbd is added to being the thc content down Same applies to carts And rso

  4. Is this actually written out somewhere on a state site, or is it just "we'll tell you if you're over" kinda management

  5. I prefer Firelands flower & vapes, Butterfly Effect is a good one too. Their Triple Choc Chip is great for sleep & pain - in my opinion.

  6. If you only buy flower its 9 oz per 90 days. Split into 45 day cycles. Every 10th of an oz is 1 day no matter bulk size or small units or strain. I personally have only ever hit my max once.

  7. Can't go wrong with buckeye relief flower have really enjoyed the garlic breath 2.0 and the lemon dosido.They are pretty good deals on sale.I wait for sales and shop then.Edibles are ridiculously expensive I get the feco /rso oil. Only 1 day per 600mg thc. I learned the hard way on most purchases.

  8. I used to live in Columbia Station, and would recommend speaking with budtenders at Body and Mind (Bam) in Elyria, as I have never felt rushed when asking about the program, products, and growers/processors.

  9. I get that, same thing with Mass and Maine when I was in NY...but the problem with both that and Michigan is it takes longer. Much longer. I simply can't burn half a day without necessity, and if I can get it here and it's functional for me...good enough. I'm already used to paying high prices, so far the prices here and there seem to line up within $0.50 a gram or so. Full price, that is. Dunno about sales.

  10. Cresco? Birdsong? Supply? Had a card for 3 years and never even heard of them. If you look for bottom of the barrel that's what you'll get.

  11. Bio J by cresco in any form is fantastic for my back pain personally. Also I use 1:1 sleepy time salve by firelands scientific. Good luck

  12. I would recommend buckeye relief you can never go wrong! Firelands scientific is one of my personal favorites! Klutch, Woodward, Farkas, Ancient roots are all premium very pricey but worth it usually only buy on sale! Some like Galenas but its not worth the money IMO! If you just get flower 4.5 ounces every 45days.

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