Can someone explain RSO to me?

  1. My buddy ate a whole syringe the first time. He is a heavy smoker but it was the first time he got/heard of this stuff. He got so fucked up he thought he was dying. I forgot about it until I got my card and was reading about eating a rice granule sized amount to start with. That story had me dying laughing after I looked into what it was more.

  2. For chronic pain, it’s easy to drop it on parchment paper and freeze it. Take it like pills each day. It doesn’t taste good so I like taking it that way.

  3. Rso is a full spectrum extract that if made correctly should contain all plant compounds,cannabinoids, plant fats and oils etc etc. Pioneered by Rick Simpson to cure his own cancer. He claims it has the ability and possibility to eliminate any cancer on or in the body. As well as a list of other uses most notably pain relief.

  4. Many professional warn against this and say that it is harmful for you. Why would you tell people this? Ignorance or you want him to get hurt

  5. Most folks use it for pain. People with cancer or undergoing treat etc. You can't smoke it because of the alcohol used to make it. Most folks I know cook with it or eat on something like granola bar.

  6. It's interesting to think about, isn't it? I also remember reading that RSO (the original stuff created by Mr. Simpson) wasn't to be smoked, and was originally made as a topical iirc. High proof alcohol was used in the extraction process.

  7. It would be even easier to take if someone made tinctures in the state of Ohio. Maybe they do, but I haven’t seen any in northeast Ohio, only Michigan. During my yearly consultation, my doctor asked me: why do you take RSO syringe instead of tincture because the syringe has to pass through the liver so it takes way longer to activate. So I had to break the news to him. He was confused why I couldn’t find tinctures. That’s Ohio

  8. Bought avexia g purp to try. It’s thick, doesn’t taste the best but I have zero anxiety after eating 1ml of it on a marshmallow. Going to try doubling the dose tomorrow bc it didn’t hit me as hard as 15mg of edibles do. Dosing is the weirdest part. It also settled my upset stomach.

  9. I was about to ask the same! I saw someone in here ask about best pain options and then someone mentioned RSO. I almost got it last sale at my dispensary but I don’t know anything except the advice was a rice size dose. Thanks OP! And thanks for all who answered. I have chronic pain and had no idea was RSO is. ( is Firelands Scientific dablicator like this? Prefilled or need filled. I tried talking to an actual rep while he was at the D and he still wasn’t very helpful. Just mentioned if I was a “carer” I could add it to tea or coffee. Really didn’t mention pain relief or I could use it since I’m a flipping patient with chronic pain and I’m still not sure what is after talking to him.)

  10. I haven’t tried the dablicator offerings but my understanding was that it was essentially the same product but packaged in a way that made dosing easier. I like the syringe method because I’m prepping ahead of time but the syringe would a bit messy and inconvenient if you were on the go. Also dosing is eyeballing it vs measuring so in theory the dablicator is going to give more control.

  11. Does the program here if you go in with your card and a document from your Dr stating your being treated for cancer give you a vial of rso, pipedreaming its anything like Oklahoma....

  12. I use rso in combination with live resins for back pain. Nothing knocks me off my feet better than a lil slug of some rso. Definitely long lasting medicine. Also have read that it can be applied topically for skin remedies

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