Can anyone explain to me what Delta Shift live resin is??

  1. Cannabis in it’s usually extracted for dabbing concentrate usually contains a high level of THCA which isn’t psychoactive until it’s past decarb temp (similar idea to decarbing cannabis flower for preparing edibles) 230-250 degrees THCA converts to is psychoactive form delta 9 THC. Thus the name delta shift …. It’s supposed to be able to vape or dab at lower temps bc the thc is already activated. I posted a review of the jungle mac delta shift it was very good… I’m guessing they just slowly bring their live resin up to decarb temp activating it. It’s very runny and is easier to scoop if you add a live sugar too it but it was very terpy and tasty

  2. Well thank u for the knowledge!! I appreciate it, I’m a caregiver and my patients really wanted to know an I had no answer for them, but thank u once again

  3. I love the delta shift from BR. I throw a little knob into my mini nail around 450degrees and I’m off. Super flavorful. Incredible effects. Highly rec, but definitely meant for low temps with all the already activated THC.

  4. Same! I tend to do around the same temp or a little lower on my mini nail for delta shift. Around 490 for other extracts.

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