Firelands Using Radiation on Flower- Stay Away!

  1. Just a friendly tip. Syringes of RSO (.84) are $40 now, they vary from like 550-650mg THC. They only use “1-day”. Same as the gummies(that are 100ish mg. THC). There r ez gummie recipes if that’s your thing, or you can get a big bag of empty gelatin capsules and just make your own RSO capsules. Anyway, it will save you a shitload of $$., and “days”.

  2. The state allows remediation of all sorts and has rules around it. Irradiation with gamma rays is one of those ways to remediate flower. Just a heads up. Your microwave uses radiation to heat up your food but you still eat it. There are tons of forms of radiation, they can be dangerous, but they can also be used in safe practices.

  3. I’d be more concerned about the risk of smoking what would normally be failed material. Some of these companies remediate material with mildew, black mold, bud rot, etc… yeah it now is able to pass tests and be sold, but I wouldn’t want to smoke it regardless.

  4. The problem with remediation isn't the radiation itself. It's the fact that the mold and bacteria is still on the plant material after the remediation happens. Not cool.

  5. You do realize that the state of Ohio has done numerous studies into the safety of using a rad source 420?

  6. Their flower has always been the top available to me in my place I get med cannabis, but I’ll keep an eye on it in terms of quality. We shall see.

  7. Weren't Firelands on that list of cultivators that have said they don't use any remediation on their buds sold for vaporization? Big if true

  8. Crazy your account is 1 day old and just last week it was Klutch with the moldy bad weed. What cultivator do you really work for? 😅😂

  9. This is a bummer. I've enjoyed most of the Firelands flower I've tried with Tally Mon being on my top ten list. Never again though. Good looking out.

  10. Safe radiation is very true and I'd think that this has to be one of those cases. Still I don't buy FiSci flower however I do like there rosin and have had some shitty rosin until recently gave them another go. Also I just don't feel comfortable supporting them for this reason may be safe or however you want to look at it just don't sit right with me so imma stay away thanks for this.

  11. That's what I thought. They are not going to like someone blasting their internal issues. I never had a problem with them, hopefully they release a statement regarding.

  12. Reading this as i hit a Firelands salty watermon pod. I had a bad pod from them that tasted like hay (grandpas breathstar), now i know why. The one i have now is ok though.

  13. You claiming klutch pays employees to talk shit on Reddit is so much more far fetched then what op is claiming about firelands. This equipment is being used in a few different companies facilities for the exact reason he stated. It’s becoming more and more common as more facilities deal with out of control mold problems resulting in full harvests failing. Months ago when people were emailing each company in regards to their remediation and disposal practices of bad material.. not naming names but the ones that didn’t respond to said emails are the ones that also use this Radsource 420

  14. Take it from me bud they are almost certainly not using anything that “leaves” radiation on there. I’ve received targeted radiation as a part of cancer therapy. Unless they are literally imparting radioactive particles on the plant material it should be fine.

  15. It’s not exactly an outlandish claim. There’s a few companies in Ohio using that exact machine (radsource 420).. I’d almost guarantee ops claims are legit

  16. SMH, the intelligence in this sub… might as well ask the OP to post their work badge on. Would that be enough to “back up” their claims?

  17. I’ve had a batch of moldy buds from them about a year and a half ago. It was a 14.15 bag. So not only was I out money and flower, after reaching out to them to tell them, I got not a single response. I haven’t bought anything from them since and something tells me they are allowing shit like this to slide all of the time! No thanks on firelands. Horrible quality and novice growers with no care for the customers.

  18. Probably making cheap luster pods with it so they add botanical terps to make up for the irradiated flavor. I realized this sounds sarcastic but I am stone cold serious.

  19. I totally understand why you’d be upset with not telling the patients, but radiation is an everyday thing that isn’t really a cause of concern.

  20. Agreed. I’d rather have clean cannabis than non. If some machine can kill any mold/bacteria that might be present, why is that bad??

  21. Wut? If I was going to post something about a company I work for, I would make a throwaway so it wasn't tied to other information on my main account. How are the doxxing themselves with a throwaway? That's the whole point of a throwaway.

  22. Why aren’t they using it to make luster pods? Why would they opt to buy a machine that expensive when they have other less expensive means to turn the biomass into sellable product?

  23. Well that stinks I haven't bought from them in almost a year so I thought it was a good time to try one of my favorite strains by them is that why all there 14.8s are 117

  24. Verano uses one of these machines daily. The mold and contamination is technically “dead”. However, it is not magically removed. I’ve seen first hand what comes out of these machines and I refuse to smoke it!

  25. Every type of flower I've had from firelands has had me waking up the next day feeling like a heavy hangover type of sick, could this be why?

  26. Kool fucking story mate, you got any more you can post for us --- at the end of the day, your simple but elegant phrase sums it up perfectly ..... "B-corp my ass".

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