Carts or disposable vape advice

  1. Lusters are a hype train its old hardware that’s too hot. The oil burns to fast, doesn’t taste good, its very harsh. get any 510 battery below 3v the carts will have way better flavor and effects. Disposables are a waste of money never buy one of thoes.

  2. Go to a smoke shop, and pick up a yo can unipro. Go pick up a live rosin or resin cart, and put it on your new device at 2.2 to 2.4 volts. That thing will last you forever and the taste will be something you never experienced, with effects that are much better than your common distillate or CO2.

  3. Just picked up a Uni pro 2 and its great. Good advice on the voltage settings for live resin carts (helps us new owners). Any other tips!?

  4. Look and ask for oils that are full-spectrum. Anything that says list only distillate or botanical terpenes on the label are going to be disappointing.

  5. If you are a heavy "smoker", please don't use disposables as your main delivery system. Do you Iike more cerebral effects, or couch lock?

  6. Luster pods are hands down the closest to the real thing. I only get them and disposables (the rythm ones) bc they are good, they are smaller so I can get a variety of strains and not have ones sitting here for years I haven’t gone through and I don’t care about loosing them.

  7. Disposables aren’t the way to go man, really bad in terms of cost on your day count. I like the Airo Live Flowers myself for Vapes, all cannabis derived. Klutch and Ancient Roots make some real solid 510s but they’re kind pricey. Buckeye is good but make sure you get the 100% live resin carts, they have a lot and can get confusing on what’s in what series

  8. You'll get a lot of different answers. In reality whatever you like is fine. I use luster pods, airo pods and 510. They all have pros and cons.

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