Do Certified Cultivators' Carts work with YoCan 510 batteries?

  1. You might be talking about the distillate line (black box) that uses botanical terps. The live and cured resin lines (white box) are cannabis derived terps.

  2. Let me guess your one of the guys that try to do blinkers with a ceramic cart and burnt the cart up and now it’s trash because you don’t know how to use the product

  3. CAN CONFIRM yes they work in the UNI PRO and the speckled one, NOT uni twist (slightly skinnier version *three circular lights for voltage) I use the .35 AND .83 gram carts in mine. .35 BARELY makes it tho.

  4. My wife has got a certified dark rainbow live resin cart in the uni pro right now and she loves it. Preheat function particularly helpful, as these carts seem to like to clog (at least the LR, my white widow not so much).

  5. Try turning the heat down might help it a lot ceramic carts don’t like heat causes all kinds of problems I noticed that mine would clog at a higher temperature

  6. I’ve seen someone use Certified Cultivator 510 carts in the YoCan Uni and Uni Pro, so I’m surprised that it’s not fitting yours.

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