Klutch lemon slushee smells like mold, few other strains as well.

  1. Yup had lemon slushee and big head same thing!!! I posted it and all the klutch fan boys were crying like I made it up😘 I’ve been smoking for 30 years I know when I taste mold!!

  2. Klutch gave me the same canned bullshit about the Josh D releases.. I think I understand what a "gassy/diesel" flower tastes like versus a chemical.

  3. You’d think that they would see the current trend in complaints and investigate the situation instead of poo-poo-ing you

  4. This is wild , I used to be a really big fan of Klutch with that said their is no point defending a company or brand if quality is not what it used to be. Plain and simply put if products do not meet your expectations then it’s fair to say and do what you want. I personally wouldn’t use anything that has a moldy smell or taste. Also consumers know the difference between gassy and mold. Customers will always end up going with whatever company provides the best quality, that’s how and why Klutch got to be where they are today. If at any point that changes word spreads pretty quick. I would say avoid until it changes or find a new brand. But to defend a company when obvious quality is in question seems pretty invalid.

  5. It’s a bandwagon, the flower looks good but it’s not the looks that count for me imo. Some of the best shit I’ve smoked just looks like mids. There c02 pods have no terps and taste like just raw oil and the live resin is good but the pod I got burned the day I bought it and I don’t chief at all and I follow the “sip not rip” instructions here. Certified and grow ohios live resin doesn’t taste the best ln luster pods bc high temp but at least they don’t taste like coil. Grow ohio and firelands make infinitely better pods

  6. Damn they got you too. Just did a post last week bout JDOG & GHOST OG both mild taste and smell they claimed thst is how Josh D is supposed to be and it's not for everybody. Wish I could've responded cuz I would have gave them an ear full. On what I know and to not tell me what I know. Sucked too cuz I was looking forward to the Josh D stuff now not so much. To hear that more and more product coming out this way there is def contam I'm not sure how they get rid of it been told that's they will wash the bud but I'd think that would destroy all the trichs. Besides using water to get rid of mold doesn't makes sense I really have no idea, but something is def up

  7. There’s actually a process that some cultivators use to remediate mold where they basically irradiate the trees w ozone to make sure that product passes testing but it messes w the flavor. In some states they are required to label when they use this process so patients can choose whether to consume remediated product. Ohio does not require said labeling

  8. Probably about 3 months ago or so for me. Incredibly disappointing - Klutch could do so much more for their customers and our loyalty by owning the mistake and correcting it, instead of claiming it’s our fault.

  9. Their stuff lately does have a different off smell to it. I got the o'ryan og and motorbreath last and they both had a musty floral smell. Like someone's grandparents attic or something.

  10. Well I can confirm that the orange 43 and the dolce that I picked up yesterday smells and tastes like straight mold 🤢🤮 wish I’d have found this thread earlier.

  11. I grabbed a few strains from klutch, lemon slushee, orange 43, and white truffle. All were extremely dry and smelled like mold, I didn’t even try the orange 43. The lemon slushee made me feel sick. I’ve had these before and they were great, but now I’m questioning what condition they are growing these in to ruin MULTIPLE batches so bad. Every single one has the same mildew stench to it.

  12. Have you reached out to Klutch yet? If so, and everyone is getting the runaround, it may need to be escalated to the Board of Pharmacy to have the product inspected for mold and a recall issued.

  13. I can't say for klutch but working after in cultivation within Ohio you'd never believe the amount of mold you see. Testing is also not the greatest either definitely look more closely at the brands you buy and flower you enjoy. 🤞🏾

  14. I thought it was just me, but I got 10ths of Sherbhead, Orange 43, Motorbreath and Heatspike and all of them tasted moldy. The buds look fine, but smell and taste moldy.

  15. Well, the half of Big Head has the same moldy/mildew taste as the other strains I had issues with. May have to take a break from Klutch for a while.

  16. I got all of these strains you mentioned including big head and they’re absolutely fire. Some of the best batches I’ve had yet from klutch. Please I’ll take your weed for free if you don’t want it

  17. Mine taste great too. Other employees of other companies in here creating stirs. I work at a dispo and literally look at every Coa

  18. Damn, this is happening to everyone!? I'm sorry. I'm glad I saw this though. Klutch isn't my favorite but they were pretty reliable until now. Hopefully this gets around quick because they're not going to do anything about this until they start losing money. The fact that their grow rooms have clearly been contaminated and they still are selling this is worse than bad customer service, it's putting people's health in danger. No Bueno Klutch.

  19. Lol putting peoples health in danger? You can look up the Coa results man. No issues with mold.. stop scaring people with misinformation

  20. I emailed them and they're insisting that the mold I'm testing is in fact the flower profile. I've spent thousands with this brand with never one complaint, and now this...

  21. So it sounds like every experience with them has been good, but you didn’t like 1 flower. I personally think OGs smell dank, musty, earthy and I love that about them.

  22. I got the ghost OG three days ago and it tasted kind of weird Like someone’s moldy ass basement First time from klutch I’ve ever got anything little sketchy

  23. I got some lemon slushee that was pretty good no mold smell or chemical aftertaste must have got a lucky batch I’ve def had that happen with BR but not Klutch yet thanks for the heads up. The good brands to pick from are getting slimmer and slimmer

  24. Yall got be so scared on here...jealousy, whip it, big head,and sherbhead have been some klutch go-to's for me for a while. I keep seeing all this and it makes me think my next jars will be trash. Hasn't happened yet, thank God. But when it does, I'm gonna cry

  25. everything ive bought from them lately has been pure fire. I think the past 3 months theyve put out their best product

  26. I know this is about flower, but I picked up a Tiki Kiwi live resin cart by Klutch a while back and it had a strong chemical taste. I couldn't identify it, it didn't even taste like weed. It still worked and was tolerable, but man was it a let down.

  27. That's lame if true but I always get confused by these posts. I've never had an issue with klutch and I buy pretty often. I've been sticking with them because I cannot afford to buy Woodward all the time and when I've tried some other brands they were less consistent and more disappointing. Just my experience. I had a few live resin lemon slushee luster pods a couple months ago and I loved them.

  28. All of mine were 🔥. Only thing i had a problem with was my ghost og inside seal was slightly off. Strains were good though. Im not justifying klutch’s response by any means, HOWEVER. Everything goes through testing. No weed on the shelves in any ohio dispo have mold. Period. But taste/feeling will always vary and unfortunately it sounds like klutch sh*t the bed on a few harvests…. And this response. Not going to stop me from trying then again? Jesus

  29. There are ways of making it, so that mold doesn’t show on test, even if the plant was covered in it , it’s a remediation box that the flower gets put in and it kills the mold but not the flavor lol ,

  30. Switch to 100% Labs. You won't be disappointed. They taste just as good as anything outhere but they last me a day or two longer than a normal .85

  31. My girlfriend grabbed a lemon slushee pod and she said it tasted like a moldy basement floor lol. I smelled it and it was spot on. I made a post about it on here and got swarmed with “that’s just the funk” comments. People shouldn’t be spending their money on this overpriced garbage

  32. Why are we having issues like this? Why is this not displayed at our dispensaries? How are we supposed to change it?

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