Tips for Budtenders

  1. This. It’s up to the dispensary to pay livable wages in my opinion - especially with how much they tax us patients on products.

  2. No. Hadn’t even crossed my mind. They aren’t pouring me a drink and I don’t tip sales clerks for recommending products in any other situation. (Also, I’ve never had a “bud tender” do anything but check my ids, tell me what I bought, show me the receipt, have me sign and send me on my way.

  3. I'm pretty positive that it's against the program rules for the dispensary to accept tips. I know Columbia Care used to have a tip jar on their front desk, and someone made a scene about tip jars on this reddit, and found the rule they were breaking, then it was gone the next day.

  4. I’m not really trying to contribute to tipping culture. Would prefer the business just paid them adequately and charge me a little more if necessary…which they do in this case

  5. I've tip my budtender almost everytime. As I've worked in the service industry for over 30yrs..never had anyone say they couldn't accept the tip..maybe just the policy of the dispensary. Personally use Columbia Care and Pure Ohio the most. Both accept tips.

  6. No one in ohio accepts tips. They are putting that money in a jar and giving it to the person after you who is short on change.

  7. Tipping is the norm in most states! It’s not like tipping at a restaurant - it’s not at all expected of a patient to tip. It’s more for if the budtender went above and beyond, spending extra time to educate and guide a patient into making the best choice of medicine. Even then, it’s never really expected and 100% up to the discretion of the person making the purchase. You know… like how tipping should be in any establishment, regardless of industry!

  8. Like someone else had said I don't tip the pharmacist and I don't tip the people checking me out at the grocery store. And it's already expensive enough they're making enough money where they should be paying their employees more. And 99% of the time the budtenders have no idea what the new genetics are on any new product even if it's their own product they still don't know. Although the bud tenders are very friendly as far as helpful never been helpful to me.

  9. Tips are absolutely not allowed in the Ohio Medical MJ program, if dispensary is caught doing this or budtender accepting it they will lose their license. I know of one dispensary that was warned not long after they opened was only reason they did not get fined or lose of license.

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