Rso - need recommendations

  1. Botanist indica RSO is my go to, the Cohok FECO is 2nd choice! Don't get why there's not more indica RSO you mostly see hybrid and some sativa n that's not what I'm lookin for!!

  2. Is the indica too couch lock for mid day use? I normally use indica leaning hybrids / happy hour type feeling for lunch until evening when I lean into full indicas for the couch lock.

  3. Personally I love Revel rso. Best price for usually rhe strongest thc level. Second up would be Standard Farms 2:1 rso..both run about 40 bucks..or Cohok with the FECO. For 60..Verano is good but not worth the extra cost for typically a lower thc level.

  4. I am the same, I seem to be immune to edible, to give the lungs at least a little bit of a break I would HIGHLY recommend a DynaVap, I have one, and I have an induction heater to go with it, it vapes rather than burns, which is MUCH better for the lungs.

  5. Wedding cake knocks my socks off & I usually have 2-3 hundred mg eddys a night. Verano rso second to none in the program that I’ve found.

  6. Do they just make the indica? I’m gonna grab it, but I wanted to sample some rso that wasn’t fully dedicated to sedation. The Wedding Cake was good.

  7. It was a nice after work relax for the final stretch. A chill happy hour feel. Not too overwhelming. Now just to dial in the quantity and timing.

  8. Idk if rso is the way to go on this as it tends to be fairly heavy and it's intended for pain mostly, now I'm not saying not to just you want to stay focused and rso has more narcotic like effect. Now I am a heavy flower and concentrate user on top of fairly regular rso/feco regiment. Most recently have used cokoh feco as it's pretty strong and it seems to last longer than the verano rso or botanist. Now standard farms has a 1 gram 742mg rso that at 40bucks can't be beat although wish they didn't give you a UPS box for that little ass syringe lol but besides the feco this is your best bet.

  9. I agree 100% but that is one full gram that cost you two days it should be 0.84.9 just a tad under 1 g whatever the pharmacy board allows to save the day Wellspring Fields also has strain GMO RSO but it's 0.5 that is really good so we need to get the companies to produce whatever we're allowed for the one day

  10. I usually lean more to indica leaning hybrids for day time. Problem child will knock me out, but most others are more of a happy hour feel.

  11. Maybe your body doesn’t feel the effects of edibles because of ohios low potency limit. Have you ever ate a 1000mg? If that doesn’t work add some shrooms to the mix, you’ll feel somethin Edit: Michigan definitely has 1000mg edibles and flower in 94 was straight ass. I wasn’t alive for that and I don’t need to be

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