FiSci: Worth a second chance on a better strain for the luster pods (Tally Mon)?

  1. Tally Mon is one of their better tasting pods. I like Firelands pods overall, I’ve probably tried more than 10 strains, TM is def one of the better ones. I also liked Cherry Lemon G, Gelato Fuel and Switchberry OG

  2. I enjoy them but can't guarantee you will. I've tried three of Firelands Pods and the Tally Mon was the best out of Sour Papaya and Gelato Fuel.

  3. Idk about the TM one specifically but I just gave Firelands a try and got a Grandpas Breathstar pod and it’s just meh. No taste, terps are weak compared to Klutch and probably BE. Effects are okay.

  4. I'm guessing you won't like the flavor, regardless of the nice effects, if you didn't like Sour Papaya. Sour Papaya is Rez Sour D × Papaya. Tallymon is Papaya × Banana OG. They taste somewhat similar.

  5. Agree with above , the reg lusters have underwhelming lately. I use lusters daily. My FiSi orange kush cake taste was off and no punch. Grow ohio seems to be the only pods not “loosing there luster “ for me

  6. Yeah, besides my resin pods (which get weekend/special occasion priority), I got a Budino Klutch and a BE Burkle pod that I haven’t cracked into yet. Those are the two I’ve realized I’m sticking to from now on (though the Superflux Banana Sherbet is also fantastic).

  7. What the fuck happened to FiSci ya'll ? --- it's truly sad, as I cannot seem to muster a single, .85/gram of remaining respect for this company. Talk about taking a turn for the worse. They finally graced us w/terp specs. on their labels, only to turn around & refuse to list 'em on their very own menu --- typical.

  8. Honestly I'd pass on the Firelands Lusters for now IMO. They taste like... I don't know, they're just not right.

  9. Feel like luster pods n general have been for shit lately. Grow oHIo just seems to taste better than Klutch most of time. Firelands if u need to save 10$ I guess. Just my opinion. I have to have a luster every week for easy when I'm out an about

  10. Got a green runtz by them and it tasted like hash. Had a noticeable (medium) body load as well which I don't typically get from luster pods (Mostly use BE and some Klutch). Tallymon is one of my favorites when I get flower along with Bio Jesus so I'd say go for it if it's around 40-50 definitely not worth more then that. (Tho if you're in the Cincinnati area About Wellness has Tripple Crown BE for 30 and those are pretty decent)

  11. I’ve had hit or miss of fiSci with flower. sour watermelon and northern lights always hit. The rest are hit and miss for me.

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