1. My man, I TOO have Chronic Pancreatitis from alcohol. I too cannot drink or I'll die. So says OSU doctors. RSO has been a God send with how effective it is. I take a rice sized amount with each meal and I could eat damn McDonald's meal and not have any flare ups. I 100% believe the rso is helping ALOT. Ive lost 35 pounds the last year or 2 since I quit drinking. I was 75 ounces of Natty Daddy (3-25oz cans) AND 1 pint Kamchatka Vodka, about 10 shots, EVERY NIGHT for 3-4 years and gave myself Alcohol Induced Chronic Pancreatitis. I have NOT had a stent put in and am not going to. I've changed my diet as directed (eat healthy, no fast food) and quit alcohol. Trust me man, eat about >_______< that much rso at each meal and you may have found a 99% fix too. Works for me. Dr also gave me Creon pills to take with every meal to help digest and absorb nutrition. I think I've had 3-4 flare ups since starting the RSO 3 years ago. I pay 25$ for 1 gram in a syringe. I medicate when I eat with ONE dose like above size. 1 gram syringe last me about 8 days. Hope you are doing ok. I was told by a woman that pancreatitis is comparable to giving birth, pain wise. Fn sucks. My own fault. I HAD to drink every nite religiously.

  2. Are you taking about edibles vs vaporization? It’s my understanding that it’s metabolized in the liver, I have not heard anything specific to pancreas, but I’m not a Dr., there’s still not a lot of studies on every benefit/side effect, some of us are Guinea pigs.

  3. I've not come across any literature and I have recommended mmj to numerous pts w/chronic pain d/t chronic pancreatitis. I recommend tinctures and RSO above all. They're much more predictable and precise to measure than edibles, flower, etc.

  4. Use flower & tinctures if possible, that's what I did. I also have pancreatic problems as a direct result of my excessive alcohol consumption. I've noticed that the drinks and edibles cause minor discomfort. I actually used to be a really bad alcoholic. I still drink a beer here and there but marijuana ultimately took alcohols place. 🗿

  5. I had necrotizing pancreatitis when I was 21, been using marijuana since 23, and I havnt been hospitalized since 21 for that issue. It hasn't affected me, but everybody is different.

  6. I know edibles gave me some issues with my liver after my gallbladder was removed. I haven't had any edibles in months and haven't had any issues since.

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