Willie’s Reserve by BR - Koko (I)

  1. One of my absolute favorites for the price to consistent batch after batch quality! Except lately they have upped their prices on willies reserve products

  2. Kava kava, kratom, and melatonin combined don’t knock me out, but a joint of this myrcene-heavy Indica leaves me actually ready to sleep! Very smooth burn, nice calm sedating but not stupidifying stone.

  3. I believe this is their premium/partnered line, but they are the ones growing it. So more of a special item drop I've never seen it in person.

  4. Kava kava root DONT make you sleepy? I'm insomniac and kava kava root shot (like a 5hr energy size) and I was out in no time. I'm unsure where to find them anymore though. I bought ALL of them in a 100 mile radius at every GNC. They stopped making them years ago. Maybe 7 years. I take 2mg Xanax for sleep (prescribed) and a little drop of cdn on a bowl puts me out just as good. I harvest reclaim from dab rig. It's cbn high %.

  5. Can’t speak for the flower, but the Larry Cake resin cart I snagged was the last good 510 I had till I jumped into luster pods.

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