So what does Terpinolene taste like and what effects does it give?

  1. For me, terpinolene gives me focus and motivation, but I also mix in the myrcene/limonene for relaxation and anti anxiety. Orange 43, Schromulan x blood orange amethyst, jealousy x apricot gelato, super lemon dog x mimosa, whip it (has ocimene too), super lemon haze, blackjack are my favorites in the program that I’ve had so far. They offer the perfect balance for me, I get motivated and focused and yet calm relaxed and reduced pain all at the same time.

  2. Two strains that are terpinolene heavy and taste very unique grapehead by Woodward and Durban poison which I believe standard wellness has Durban and it comes in aero cart and buckeye Relief cart aswell

  3. To me terpinolene heavy strains usually have a candyish smell/taste to them. A sweetness with maybe a bubblegum flavor? I have O43 right now and its the batch thats terpinolene heavy, to me it smells/tastes more limonene heavy (like big head?). Like i get a kinda light menthol funk? With a teensy bit of the orangeness? But no im not tasting the terpinolene in it

  4. Also if your terp curious, it might be cheaper to get CBD flower. Its federally legal and i buy online, i have a terpinolene heavy strain called cashmere kitty and the candy taste/smell is deff there. WNC CBD has terpene analysis reports on all there flower

  5. Its not even about the specific terpene for me because I feel a lot of it is stoner science, however I enjoy terpinolene strains because they indicate quality genetics close to the Durban land race. I believe the Durban land race has the best genetics and the strongest effects for a pretty extreme tolerance level.

  6. Another example of an ohio strain missing its terpinolene is Jack Rabbit from Riviera Creek.its half Jack herer and half Girl Scout Cookies. There is absolutely NO REASON this strain shouldnt be choc FULL of terpinolene and it doesnt have any which is totally shameful and speaks to poor quality of Ohio's cultivators and the program as a whole.

  7. Which accounts are RC reps im just curious? I mainly see people bad mouth them,but ironically anytime someone posts anything from RC it gets dozens of comments. Tons of shilling for Klutch..just curious which accounts are shilling for RC?

  8. terpinolene is definitely a feel good terpene thats missing from the majority of strains in ohio's programCultivators have managed to breed terpinolene out of alot of strains that would otherwise have it. For example Cherry Pie from Farkas Farms should have a TON of terpinolene becuase its half durban poison and half grandaddy pup, and it should be its dominant terpene and it has NONE at all. Meanwhile, other states dispos that have Cherry Pie, have it terpinolene rich. The same goes for all cultivators that offer phenotypes of girl scout cookies......everyone's Thin Mint Cookies has no terpinolene at all which is shameful. People that arent aware of this subconsciously seek out better quality cannabis flower else where which is why people mindless go to Michigan.....its not just the pricing, the quality of the cannabis is better.

  9. it tends to have a "fresh" that freshness you smell in irish spring soap, only its not specific to the scent of conifers. For example if you get Chocolope from Riviera Creek that "freshness" is all up in there when you smell the bag although terpinolene is never listed as a major terpene, but it is (just not in the chocolope phenotype that Riviera Creek is hocking)

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