Klutch Big Head 14g

  1. Got the 8.5 of this strain last week, big fan so far. Also picked up their Jealousy luster, 🤌🤌🤌

  2. I feel like I won something 🤣 What a great pick up @ Botanist in Akron today. These nugs are massive. Truly have never gotten nugs this large and dense before from any purchases in the program (Woodward has been close 😉) Smell is powerful, it’s super tasty, and hits just right 😎

  3. I purchased 3-2.8 jars of big head from Rise the other day & it came out to 11 grams even for under $90. That's why I don't buy halves. And yes, my scale is properly calibrated. I bought a half ounce once and it was exactly 14 g. You'll always get a little bit extra purchasing the smaller jars. Klutch is fire no matter what 🔥🤸😎🗿 Btw, this strain had me giggling & pain free. The terpene profile is insane. Enjoy 😊

  4. No, you won't ALWAYS get more from a 1/10. I've seen too many posts saying they have been shorted. Im not saying how people should buy it, im simply saying 10ths aren't a sure fire way to get more.

  5. I will say I’ve had my card for over a year and not one purchase of any size, from any company, has ever been over by any significant amount. So the likelihood that you snagged a free 3g’s is just.. unlikely. Might wanna peep that scale calibration.

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