45 minute wait list at bloom @ Akron.

  1. Bot is super nice inside, I actually just had a half of kush mints harvested by Cura. Bloom has like 70 items from BR on sale. Just got a LR cart for $19.

  2. Buckeye Relief sale days seem to cause Bloom to explode and have huge wait times. Avoid at all costs on those days

  3. So I just got my card yesterday and live in canton. Any tips for me? The prices seem f’ed to say the least and I’ve never bento a dispensary with longer then a 5 min wait in other states.

  4. It’s honestly usually better than this but it’s been rough lately. I don’t know if they’re lacking workers or their system isn’t efficient enough. There’s been days where I’ve been in and out in about 10 minutes. ALWAYS try to catch the sales and look at different sites. I used to live on the SW side of canton so zen or bot is your only options. Unless you make the drive up here to catch better deals, which 80% of the time they are. I would never pay more than $35 after tax for .5 or $45 for a .84/1g cart (unless you’re buying luster pods, never had one but everyone says they’re way better than traditional 510 carts). If you’re going to be buying 2.8g of flower jars too, I would try to catch those on sale as much as possible. I know a lot of people just get the 5.6g, 8.5g, 14.15g etc packs as well to save. Some days the sales will be horrible and some days they’ll have $18 .5 carts or $30 full .84 carts. I never buy anything full price unless its my ONLY option. Just like Thursday my only option on sale was a .3 live resin airo disposable for $25 w/tax. I didn’t want to spend $35 on a .5 before tax and LR usually last me a little longer. Everyone is different. There’s A LOT to learn when you first join and there’s many brands to try. If you need anymore info just feel free to pm.

  5. 30 minutes at Bloom in Seven Mile too. I'm in the parking lot now waiting in a black car with a battery drain so I can't even have my AC on :/ At least there's a little bit of a breeze I guess.

  6. I’m the same way, I refuse to burn gas on A/C and kill the battery. rather pass out from heat exhaustion lol

  7. I hit bloom painesville the other day br 30% off sale pre ordered.They were very busy but the line was moving. Timed it In and out in 15 min,beats waiting in some dudes sketchy basement apartment for hours waiting for whatever he brought back "stems and seeds "mostly like we did 40 years ago.

  8. Blooms much slower bc they wanna make convo for some reason most of the time and most ppl are ignorant to the fact that ppl are waiting also but they got all the time in the world 🖕stop asking questions and look em up and you’ll find your answer bunch of degens

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