Hope no one needs 2 FireRock fifths a week in Columbus.

  1. But other brands are pretty much the same price maybe $5-$10 cheaper depending on what brand. You figure the average 1/10th without discount is $40-$45 thats $80-$85 a fifth woodward is $89. My local dispos run flower sales 4-5 days a week with 15-30% off.

  2. I had a chance to visit Vegas and Bozeman Montana this year. Our prices can be high but honestly our program compares pretty favorably to the recreational programs in other states.

  3. i think people are missing the point. we shouldn’t have to wait for dispensary sale days just so that we can have our medicine at an affordable price. yes, you could argue that there are cheaper products and better deals, but why aren’t we angry that Firerock is charging $96 for 5.66? nothing in this program is worth that price. i feel like this puts into perspective just how much we are spending to medicate in this state.

  4. Fire rock is a Tesla, firelands and cheeper brands is a civic, like there is a huge difference Woodward is like the best buds in the state. The prices suck but if ur budget shopping come on, don’t buy the Tesla

  5. This is an issue the Woodward but man that's expensive animal face Sunset sherbert that's all you really need I love fire rock but I also love galena's and all the other girls pretty much quality cost

  6. Seriously you picked the most uneconomical way to buy weed in the program as a justification for home grow? Why are you even in this subreddit? Everyone else posts about products and compares things and is helpful and typically all you’re doing is bitching and complaining and adding to the drama. All you have to do is not buy the shit if you think it’s too expensive? Why the fuck do you have to spam the subreddit with this dumb shit everytime you think something is too expensive? If you buy fifths of weed you’re a dumbass.

  7. You could just block or ignore him instead of being nasty. This comment is actually harmful and could cause a cascade of precipitated PTSD or similar symptoms in an individual with disabilities, which every medical cannabis patient in Ohio is. Do you enjoy abusing people?

  8. “Just shop sales” yeah, let me wait in line for an hour plus for “medicine” and hope they have a sale on an accessible day…. gtfho. More dipos and more cultivators are what needs to happen. We cant settle for this BS and feel like we HAVE to shop sales in order to get a decent price.

  9. That’s where I’m at. If I’m forced to shop sales I’m not using what works for me. It a guessing game every time. If I find a strain for my anxiety or chronic pain guess what?! It may be months before some comes around again.

  10. It’s the same shit from the same person. Over and over. They must have been temporarily banned for spamming or violating the rules but back again with the same old bullshit. We all have to boycott whoever is on marijuanaadvocate’s daily shit list.

  11. You are a little off i just came back from Colorado where the highest end flower is 245 per oz after tax and most product is around 100 per oz ohio prices are absolute robbery.....

  12. Not when you shop sales or buy minis. I get 30 percent off minis and pay 56$ for a fifth that's when I buy mine tbh. You just have to shop sales anymore for a decent price on anything.

  13. shopping sales is how I try to buy my medicine but it doesn't always work out, it may not be on sale when needed, may not be able to stock up due to lack of funds, may not have a ride or childcare for a trip to the dispensary on day of sale, and the dispensary may not even offer sales on the medicine needed.

  14. Lmao, yeah, when you choose the absolute most expensive item in the program. I still support homegrown, but this post isn't realistic. People shop deals

  15. I kinda get what all sides are saying in this matter. Post isnt realistic but medicine in Ohio is still expensive for what you get a lot of the time. Make sure to get to the polls in 2023 and vote yes for the Ohio rec initiative. It will allow homegrow of 6 plants for a single person household, 12 for a couple/family.

  16. Yes! I'm totally on board with the point here, and I'm all for home grow. But at this point I think it's more likely we'll see rec before we see home grow in the med program.

  17. I know it's got meme status but I've never had anything from them all that great and there's plenty cheaper options. This is like complaining about upkeep on the Porsche.

  18. There are plenty of options in the program to get a half bag at the same price as a 5.66 of Woodward. So just don’t buy Woodward? Lol

  19. Considering ohio almost got away with 10 companies owning the entire supply chain, this doesn't surprise me. All 10 were also against homegrown. HOMEGROWN CANNABIS FTW

  20. Weed is cheap. Even with all the " costs" associated with it along the way before it reaches the patient. A pinched quarter should not be no $90+.

  21. I hate firerock/Woodward. It’s the worst “top tier” in the state for me. Top tier for me is Ohio Clean Leaf.

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