Update on RC hash rosin

  1. That's a great question, hey RC where's the first press? If it's not on shelves...isn't that super fucking illegal? They have to give all product to patients...backroom deals? MFs

  2. damn, they pretty much just told me it’s supposed to look like that and to deal with it when i reached out 🥸 i just sent another sternly worded email, their company is a joke.

  3. I think it’s cause I made a post about it on IG. Someone told me to do it, but it’s a shame I have to go this route.

  4. I'd def called them out for this you did the right thing fuck this shit they charge an arm and a leg for there product and were fucked up cuz we want top shelf shit just want what they claim they are selling. I hate to see this shit cuz I recently gave them another shot and was pleased with the bud I got I had bought more of it it's cost so much so it's like a pat on the back reward myself but this makes me want to say fuck you there is way to good company's out there that aren't no ware near what these guys claim way easier to go with the cheaper yet way better product atlesst for extractions goes.

  5. Hopefully they'll make it right for you! Looks like they used some old flower and too much heat for the extraction

  6. It’s supposed to be “2nd press ice hash rosin” but I really think it’s some ice hash from trim or something because this is only like 50% THC (new +/- 10% variance rule change).

  7. Companies push bad or short product. I don’t buy for mail in rebate I buy to consume I actually stopped consuming as much tbh. Can’t say streets is better I just may stop altogether

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