New to edibles in Ohio. Looking for taste and effect. Doesn't matter what type of edible it is in terms of chocolate, gummies, spreads etc. What would you guys suggest?

  1. Butterfly Dissolve powder or Cokoh Honey have been the most effective for me, way so more than any gummies I've tried. Both are available in larger sizes too so bang for the buck is there.

  2. I LOVE That dissolve powder. Also love how fast you feel the effects. FS Dablicators are also fast and fantastic! Headed to FS tomorrow for those Dablicators for 25% off

  3. I'll jump on the honey wagon. Some really great options out there. I picked up some by Buckeye Relief today.

  4. I like the fisci sunbites.. I buy the 27 count which are more potent like 20-22 mg a gummy .. I eat 2.. I dont get slapped but definitely help with my anxiety and make me feel good

  5. I like solventless edibles. They are full spectrum and have that delicious hashy taste, like when you had to make brownies at home.

  6. The Kiva/Camino gummies are my go-to edible, particularly the blueberry indica for before bed and the 1:1 yuzu lemon gummies for a great buzzy body high.

  7. Yuzu lemon is great! It tastes so good, it helps with my migraines too, and gets me in a good head space. I'll have to try the blueberry one. It used to be one of my migraine pills made me sleepy, but my Dr added a different pill to my regimen and now I'm not getting as sleepy, so I feel like I should get an edible specifically for nighttime in case I can't sleep. Plus I'm looking to lower the dosage of that original med. 🥴

  8. I like the Highly Edible pucks. They're fruit flavored and coated in sugar and pretty large so they're satisfying to chew. The highest dose I've found with them is around 550mg for either 10 or 11 pucks. They also come in 110 and 220.

  9. Firelands gummies and Klutch camino gummies are the best. steer clear of grow ohio/butterfly effect edibles, they taste like pure shit weed.

  10. Not to hijack the thread, but can anyone suggest something for people who don't normally have luck with edibles? My tolerance isn't that high vaping or smoking, but I can take over 100mg in edibles and not really feel ANYTHING. I'm guessing it's a metabolism issue, or I lack some certain enzyme.

  11. I’m with you. Edibles are a waste of money for me, sadly. If I didn’t have to vape or smoke, I’d only use edibles.

  12. I do know that there is a certain gene variant that allows the body to metabolize thc theough the liver, in different ways. Do you EVER feel anything from edibles? If the answer is "sometimes" , or "yes", you should find something that works for you. If the answer is "no", you probably won't. I am a "sometimes" person, and I personally have found that Grow Ohio's Infusion Powder works well for me. Anything nano-emulsified should work better, too, like Wana nano gummies. It is absorbed through the mouth and soft tissues, before, and in addition to the liver. So, quicker onset, better effects. Not positive these will work for you, but it may be worth a try. Happy hunting.

  13. Have you tried RSO? I've heard other people who have that issue have success with RSO. Like straight RSO, maybe spread on fruit or a cracker, not in a gummy form. Also have you tried it on an empty stomach? With food? What kind of food? For me it works best on an empty stomach but THC is fat soluble so some people take it with peanut butter or nuts or even avocado etc. In your case it might very well be a genetic or something with your body chemistry rather than you doing something "wrong" lol

  14. Try drinks…Vapen has seltzers and juices that taste pretty good and work well. The drinks are processed in our bodies differently than a gummie, cookie, etc.

  15. I take edibles as a migraine abortive. Mostly gummies although I keep meaning to try chocolate and tincture. I mostly like that gummies are convenient, portable, and discreet. If I wasn't on a budget I'd branch out into honey etc.

  16. I hope this is helpful. This group is mostly geared towards flower and vape it seems like so it's nice seeing an edibles post. If you're in Columbus Harvest is a good dispensary. I have heard good things about Strawberry Fields and their edibles selection so I'm going to try them next time.

  17. Don't waste your days on pre-made edibles. Grab a syringe of RSO or FECO and make whatever it is you like at whatever strength you desire. Coming in between 400-750 mgs for 1 day compared to the 110 mgs of edibles makes it the best bang for your buck and daily limits 😉. Has been a game changer w my chronic pain and anxiety. Took me 3 yrs to finally try it as I always thought of it as just another edible..but, I was much better than any edible. I would recommend Revel Rso as it usually runs around 40..also Standard Farms that has a 2:1 Rso for $40 as well. Give it a try and I willing to bet you never think of purchasing another edible from the the only question you'll have is what can I infuse this stuff into..answer is absolutely of my favorites is making my own super potent 🍫 chocolates..insanely easy to do. All the best.

  18. Second this. I don’t have good luck with edibles but a $40 syringe of RSO has me comfortable and sleeping like a baby for a couple weeks.

  19. Dude this is not helpful. We know they are overpriced and low in potency in the state. They are still asking what the best option is.

  20. Cokoh honey I catch it on sale for 28 dollars 4 oz 600mg thc. Very relaxing effects for the cost per dose.I tried gummies and candy but this is my go to now.

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