Is the MAC flower from Klutch really that good?? ☺️

  1. MAC for me hits like a 50/50 balanced hybrid. Calm relaxed in the body, uplifting & calming mentally. Good all rounder but compared to EPBC, not as hard hitting, cerebral, or stimulating & without the euphoria epbc has.

  2. You can't go wrong with Mac no matter what the cut but someone said they grow capulators cut which is the daddy to Mac if that's so then you won't be disappointed my friend.

  3. There cut is the best there is in our program. One of my favorites from Klutch. The high is literally as balanced as it gets, as other's have mrntioned above. Worth it my friend!

  4. That electric peanut butter cookies was honestly some of the strongest flower I think we’ve tried in the program. I think we tried some of the lemon slushee from Klutch earlier this week (it was up there with some of the best flower we’ve tried), and a 2.83 lasted us almost 3/4 days versus the 1/2 days a normal 2.83 lasts (we’re deal shoppers)

  5. Very much so, I’d try getting it on sale, but klutch MAC1 is probably my favorite strain in the entire program, if not a close second to BR’s Lemon Dosido. Cant go wrong with either of em🙌

  6. I am kicking myself for not going today. I didn’t want to make a snap decision, which is why I made the post. But I forgot that the 15% off is only once a week. Thinking about getting the 11g size for 120 before discount

  7. Unpopular opinion: Mac isn't that good . Makes you feel great, but not much high, feels more "medical" than "whoa I'm f'n fried!". Really nothing compares to EPBC, looks taste touch effects it's the Total Package!

  8. This has been my MAC experience In the past. Thanks so much for putting it into words. It was always ‘OK I feel a little relaxed but no big whoop’ - that was in a different medical cannabis program in a different state. I may pick up the klutch but I’ll try to catch a small amount on a sale day and see how I feel before dropping money for a half.

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