Revel Hybrid RSO

  1. Rso is the only way to go for an edible or for chronic pain..absolutely love Revel Rso.. if you scan Qr most likely will come in at a higher thc content than what is on the label..personally have had some thay come in just under 800 mgs.. and in Ohio for 1 day.. $40 at my local far best priced rso in the program..second closest would be Standard Farms with the 2:1 for $40 as well..rso for the win..all day..everyday

  2. What’s the best way to consume rso? Add it to food or a drink? Or just straight up eat it? I’ve been looking at that revel product everytime I look at my dispo but haven’t bagged it yet.

  3. Which dispensary? It pisses me off that all dispensaries don’t carry the same stuff. I’ve never seen that brand up in the Cleveland area, maybe it has just slipped past me. I’d love to try that, especially at that price point. I have chronic pain that is not well controlled.

  4. I find the Revel at few different locations. Columbia care is my usual as the have it for 10% off on Tues. Amd Thurs. Also seen at Pure Ohio Wellness. A second choice would be Standard Farms w the 2:1 rso for 40 as well. 3rd choice would be cokoh with the Feco for around 60. Haven't had any rso that didn't do the job. It's also super easy to make at home if you have access to large amounts of trim or flower in general.

  5. Yeah, this kills me as I pay 40 for .86 of a gram as a med patient and in rec states anyone can get the same med for quarter the so happy when prices come down here..I've noticed a decent decrease in overall price of many products over past few years..

  6. Hey I still consider myself "new" to the cannabis community, what is rso, and can you use it to cook edibles like per say, putting it in a brownie mix?

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