Riviera Creek - Garlic Cookies Hash Rosin

  1. They are not allowed to interact with patients directly in the comments on social media or anywhere except via email or phone. Same goes for all cultivators/processors and dispensaries in Ohio. This is a Board of Pharmacy rule.

  2. Mmm yummy some brownish green mixed micron 2nd press bullshit with excess chlorophyll and lipids. Gee thanks Riviera Creek. What a bunch of clowns.

  3. “We appreciate you reaching out to us and would like to apologize for the situation at hand. Our rosin is solventless hash rosin, not live rosin. It is made entirely from Riviera Creek flower material, giving the rosin a darker and richer color. You can find more information and photos on our web page at

  4. Do you think I can get a refund for this? This doesn't even look like something I want to inhale.

  5. Flower material? So trim...This company hands down is the scum of the program. They have literally sold trim multiple times and anyone remember their almafi trim sticks? The owner is quite a shady character but people see that 30% garlic cookies and say take my $50.

  6. I’m not a professional rosin presser(I am a professional rosin user), but my guess would be…. “Oh shit, our pretend 35% flower has a 10% return so MORE heat, MORE pressure!!”

  7. There was just a post about this I commented on. It is second press rosin. Not sure what they do with the first press. That’s why the dark rosin. Not sure why they bother selling this at any price point.

  8. I’m in disbelief honestly, it looks so bad even for second press. Looks like they just squished nugs and called it a day

  9. Second press I don't get that to me that sounds like they took all the pucks after they pressed the good shit out and pressed it again and thats what they are selling.

  10. I've heard it explained like this.. you can either press the shit out of it and have an "ok" batch - but more of it. Or, you can press once, claim that fire shit right away, then press again (the last bit you can get out) and claim that bullshit and sell it less expensive because, well, you see what it looks like and I'm sure the taste/effects correlate.

  11. WTF is that I'm medical patient here in Dayton and buy firelands and at all the time ( live rosin) and that honestly looks like CO2 oil something you'd honestly put in a cartridge I'm confused 🤔

  12. Yeah the Terpene content is still looking really nice. For $50 this could be hit or miss but I'd still try it.

  13. I’ve never seen hash rosin have this color, only more of an pale/yellow/amber hue to it. Can any rosin heads here weigh in?

  14. I was literally browsing my local menu, saw this for only $59 for .8 and immediately came to Reddit to ask for opinions and saw this. I’m sorry for your inconvenience you did me justice today friend

  15. I have a tough time even believing this is hash rosin, i press flower myself at home and this looks just like that. It may not be bad, but hash rosin like you said is typically much lighter.

  16. Blast them on social medias it’s going to be the only way anything happens with this bullshit. I called out RC awhile ago about their bologna testing results, saying Garlic Cookies was 36% or something ludicrous. They emailed back basically saying, “we know we’re growing the best and most potent cannabis in the country and if you don’t believe it fuck you!”

  17. Which is shitty cuz the last couple 10ths I got of there GMO was fire and I'd def liked to try there rosin but not this I don't want second of anything from the dispo. First run is barely strong enough.

  18. it’s because it’s a second pressed rosin so it has a darker look. “This rosin is extremely potent and flavorful for the value. It may not have the “jar appeal” of the first press rosin but do not let this fool you.” is what i got from online and after research it looks like the second press is always very darker and has mostly good reviews, so just try and see maybe 🤷🏻‍♀️

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