Stocked up! Had a great weekend full of Buckeye football and the new Lord of the Rings show! Stay safe!

  1. Probably the Strawberries and Cream rosin from FiSci I haven’t tried the Katana Kush rosin yet though! Also that Mimosa badder is so terpy dude it’s phenomenal.

  2. I was drinking (literally one beer) and dabbing to the game it was so fun lol. So many people were saying online that the bucks would lose but we took the win! Ohio for the win!

  3. Heard great things about woodward’s 🍌👽🍪. This weekend I tried some 🐨🍬, wow I was blown away. I think it’s actually in my top 5 strains now, certainly a contender for top 10. Really heavy indica effects that will either lull you to sleep on the couch, or keep you engaged in something if you allow (go buckeyes!)

  4. That sticky buns is gonna be dry as hell, just to warn you. Every OCL product has been that way for me.

  5. Thought that the Sticky Buns was awesome.. wasn’t dry at all! I actually got it a few weeks ago, that’s just the little bit that’s left because I am savoring it 😂

  6. What kind of fisci is that? I LOVE their tokyo sunset and katana kush rosin! Grandpa's breathstar pretty 🔥 too... I only buy on sale days, cuz $80 for .85g is fucking ridiculous! Same with AR...amazing rosin, right up there with the best in the game. I used to purchase when they had sales, but since the price went up to $90 a g, I just can't bring myself to cop. Even though I prefer rosin, lighthouse has some 🔥 🔥 🔥 extracts (problem child and Supreme diesel terp creme are 👌). I just copped 1.5g of BR lemon dosidos d&s, and it's wonderful! Certified has some nice badder (truffletini and tongue splashers both smack!). And you never know, I grabbed a .5g of problem child badder from hon for $25 (lol), and it was actually nice for the price.

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