Certified Wedding Punch def one of favs now.

  1. Let me say this isn't a review I've seen enough posts about this one that people get it. This is simply a post sharing one of my new fav strains I picked up this week. So far I have been really digging the flavor look and smell of this beautiful flower. I had planned on doing a review but had never got around to it oh well. But I got this cuz the lineage interested me I love wedding cake it is such an amazing strain and pure punch imo is pretty tasty flower. Then the bonus after I grabbed this noticed it was harvested on my birthday kinda corny but made it a little more special for me. But this bud def hits on all points for me if you like wedding cake then grab this it's def for the wedding cake fan the PP fruitiness and wedding cake sweetness blend perfectly.

  2. Finishing up a half of this I got last week! On the same buckeye relief tray. Really like this one an it was only 126 or 130$ for regular nice nugs. Not smalls. If u haven't tried Gazzunga yet give it a chance. Another lower THC wit sum very nice terpenes

  3. Gazzungas is one of my favs anything from there rainbow chip line is so fucking nice dirty little secret another from the rainbow chip. Also deezrntz is amazing obviously my fav def fav of any rntz crosses I've had.

  4. That does look pretty good. I grabbed certified a few times in like a 2 month period. I got their grease something, gazungas I want to say but I’m not sure, and one or two others. It definitely wasn’t bad bud and I even really enjoyed one or two of them. I’ve had much worse in this program. I don’t know why I stopped shopping their flower.

  5. Greasy runtz, and alot of people hate on them and I never got why sure coule bad carts but everyone has bad carts I've never stopped getting there flower never had a problem with it.

  6. i’m smoking this right now lol definitely one of my favs from certified. i like it more than the southside legend but concrete jungle is still the best from them imo

  7. Almost picked up some of this today. Been really wanting a wedding cake recently but didn’t wanna pay for woodward necessarily and heard bad things about verano

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