Lembas Dough, new strain from Galenas. Sounds interesting.(Taken from their iG)

  1. Interesting it's an EPBC cross. Although if it's competing for #1 strain I think EPBC > Second Breakfast

  2. My favorite are for sure EPBC & Astral Destiny. With AD I’ve never smelled such a good stank before haha.

  3. Hell yeah! That’s the main reason I shared. People love lineage here! I love knowing the crosses, I’m imagining this will be great.

  4. Must be something different about this one. I don’t know or care. This is from today from their socials, you should ask them the difference.

  5. Gotta grab this one. Cannot wait. Hoping the terps on it hold up as described, but with that parentage it sounds super interesting.

  6. Bought the artifact yesterday. 30% off. Without a doubt, the highest I’ve ever been. Lasts about 2-3 hours too. I mean everyone is designed different, so I’m not saying this will even make your top 10, but it sure did for me.

  7. I’ll for sure be looking for it. I live in the North East & it’s super hard to find their products/flower.

  8. I just picked up 14g of this. Haven't tried it yet, have to work tonight. I'll be trying it soon tho, and I'll let you guys know all about it

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