The brands and amounts are all screwed up.

  1. I get what you mean. I wish Woodward and other more consistent growers would sell 14g at a discount. I have had bad luck the last 3 times with Farkas/BG 2.83 (last one was Blueberry Cupcake, looked great but gave me virtually no effects), stupid for the price. I know this isnt a solution now but so far the 2023 ballot intiative has a 10% lead for those of us in favor. Once more cultivators and homegrow is allowed (6 plants/person 12/household I believe) I think Ohio will start looking like Michagin. I'm not sure how a day's supply will be calculated for Ohio rec or if it will lead to changing of the 2.83 eventually etc, I need to look into that.

  2. Check out Harvest of Ohio. They cultivate their own 6-8 strains, fairly new and not sure if they will sell to other dispensaries but at Harvest of Athens, I can get a half oz for $110 and during certain 2 hours every day, I can walk out of there with 20% off that price. So tax etc I’m paying $94 for a half of decent flower. Recommend if you are near a Harvest of Ohio dispensary.

  3. Buy in bulk. Half's and ounces for me average $8-10/gram. I typically only buy Buckeye Relief/Willie's, Certified, & Grow Ohio. They sell in bulk often at reasonable prices. Hell, looking at my closest dispo now, BR has an ounce of Chem Fuego for $243 ($8.58/g) not on sale.

  4. Wrong riviera sells 2.83, 5.66 and 14g at the same price per gram as do a lot of the other companies. They don’t give you big deals for buying a lot at once because why should they (is what they think). I only buy on sales verdant in columbus has crazy sales almost every day on basically the whole store

  5. the terpene profiles are always WAAY off on half oz smalls no matter what the brand is. they always pale in comparison to the terpene profiles of their 2.83 and 5.66 "jars"

  6. Plus, the fees are too expensive. How the hell are they going to make someone pay all these fees, when they already have to pay an arm and a leg to keep trees. Plus, right wingers are anti nature and anti choice, so I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the gop gets offended and makes the medical mj program more restricted. This recently happened with Florida because of desantis cult followers. I don’t think Ohio is this backwards, but who knows what the future will hold?

  7. Just seconding what you said and adding that I like grow ohio the most because they seem to keep their strains tailored to ones with medical effects, which I NEED

  8. People who don't like Ohio's program or the products and don't trust the testing. Why are you still in the program nobody is making you stay in it. It definitely needs to be improved on in many different areas. But it is a business and nothing is perfect. If I had as many complaints as most people I would just leave the program

  9. While i get all of mine from dispensaries, I could still see why folks would remain in the program, even if just to have a card and not be hassled for being medicated or having MJ on them. But also public discourse is how you lead to change you want to see, so also makes sense even if folks are like me and only get from dispensaries but hope they would sell better product at better prices.

  10. Seed & Strain (Columbia Care house brand). Frozen White Runtz or Papa Don if they have it. 25% off on Saturdays. That comes to a cool $180 out the door for 28.3 😎

  11. People who buy Woodward and other top shelf brands constantly don’t understand medical marijuana and are just looking to spend the extra money they apparently have. There are tons of comparable and cheapest options. I’ll gladly take the downvotes from the fan boys but someone who work’s on a budget and has tried virtually every cultivator in the program Will know exactly where I’m coming from.

  12. What about gas money for getting up there? Also, that will take multiple hours I don’t have enough time to constantly drive up there. Plus, if you get pulled over in Ohio, and the cops smell weed and search you, they will confiscate anything that wasn’t purchased in Ohio, and maybe charge you. Regardless, if you have a medical card cops search your car if they smell weed.

  13. whatever money you would save would be spent on gas lol definitely not worth it unless you’re spending a decent amount of time up there or buying some huge quantity that i would NOT want to drive back with

  14. Why are people acting like buying weed off the street is so backwards and dangerous, I mean Ohio has only been med since 2016 what were y'all doing before then I know I was getting it off the street never have I ever even seen this chemical sprayed shit. Not saying it's not out there but c'mon people stop acting like buying weed not from a dispo is so taboo that people actually buy into the propaganda that weed in the street isn't weed now. Look I get majority of my reefer from the dispo too it's a lot easier and convenient but I also know few people that grow a shit ton of great smoke. Some is even better cuz it's way fresher. To each is own def but people acting like all BM weed is going to kill you is rediculous like I said all the homegrown I get is no different than the dispo. I get not everyone has that access aswell and I know I will be downvotes but it seems reddit is the only place that will use propaganda and be down rite assholes cuz someone buys BM weed. Now haven't seen in this sub as bad as others. Sorry for the rant but I just don't understand why people act this way. Only guess is the ones that say that shit and sweat buy it never smoked cuz it was illegal so the idea of buying weed illegally scares them but still they know weed hanst been legal very long anyware.

  15. I get what you’re saying, believe me. I just mean now it would seem odd, after all the years of retail purchasing. Plus, half the time you would call people, they would say something like, yeah I got you I will be home in 5 hours I’ll call you, 7 hours pass and you don’t hear shit.

  16. Riviera Creek and Bullseye Gardens both sell halves too, although pricier. Woodward needs to sell different amounts, for sure, though.

  17. It’s enticing to buy the 2.83 to try a variety but that is what was running up the price for me. I’ve been getting halves of buckeye relief flower that is pretty nice for average $80-95 depending on sales going on, which I don’t think is outrageous. Cart pricing on the other hand is realllyyy bad 😅

  18. FWIW I’ve had good luck with the brand Cokoh and Old Pal for popcorn and shake. Certified is ok. I usually only buy bulk for the savings.

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