Standard Wellness has seriously impressed me on my first real purchase of their product. (MAC)

  1. A lot of people sleep on their flower. It's really good. We have one of their dispensaries here in town and twice a week you can get their flower for 35% off. I buy a ton of their flower. And it's priced right they're Durban Poison. And the lemon Herer are really nice and usually pretty decently priced I got a daily dose of it today for $14.80

  2. I tried mint gelato, platinum cake, and triangle mints over the last few days. All are incredible, even more so considering it’s the first run of indoor flower. I like triangle mints the best, but I will be buying all of them again.

  3. I have definitely had some good stuff from them before… but one time I had a bad experience. They did refund me though.

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