Woodward Banana Mac

  1. Taste and smell on this one is outrageous. I had it a couple months back and I wasn’t that impressed, well they must have worked the kinks out because this is extremely nice.

  2. Woodward just says primary and secondary. Doesn’t give numbers. Bottle says primary are limonene, caryophyllene, pinene. Secondary are myrcene, humulene, ocimene.

  3. This will never happen,but I wish it would. I was one of the people who was kinda annoyed Woodward would never offer 2.83,because not everyone has 80-90 bucks to spend. The mini's are a great deal IMO. Although,when you pay for the full container you absolutely do get the full container as far as size. I've gotten the mini's during sales for around $60 for 5.66.

  4. I would also like to have tenths as an option. But I paid $72 for a fifth when I got it on sale. I don't mind it at that price but never $90.

  5. Yes, if you search Woodward on this sub, a bunch of comments about Woodward not posting terps. I would be shocked if they're not in the 2-4% range. I've had Animal Mints, Animal Face, and Grapehead and they are all in the top echelon of the 50 strains I've tried.

  6. I am really enjoying this one. I got the minis of this, full size flower of Koala Mints, Animal Mints and Animal Face. All of them are top notch in taste, smell, effects and appearance. Glad you're enjoying the Banana MAC too! Question, do you get more of a true hybrid effect or sativa as it's labeled? I at first thought it felt like a 50/50 but as soon as I got off my ass I was ready to get busy lol.

  7. For me its a bit more Sativa than Indica. It starts off strong with cerebral effects and shifted into sedation eventually.

  8. I have a hard time telling a difference between sativa and Indica effects. I would say more hybrid effects then one or the other maybe slight lean towards sativa

  9. Have to hunt. But yeah a crop this good is pretty rare. Lately I’ve been all about Certified Cultivators and that new one Farmaceuticalrx. Certifieds “select” line is pretty freaking great

  10. I’ve had a card for about two years now. Woodward had some sunset sherbet in like March 2021 that was the best I’ve had in the program. For all the crap people talk about the program there is some really good flower at times. Lately I’ve been all about certifed and Farmaceuticalrx

  11. What’s up with the weed smokers in Ohio Man all y’all just care about it’s taste and smell. They got y’all Trippin on Terps some new fad y’all can feel a part of does the bud actually get you high or Is it a little 20 min buzz. That’s all Ohmed flower imo. It don’t rock. Not yet. smokin on mids for the taste or something.

  12. When you know nothing about weed and have no clue that terpenes all have different effects. Thc and terpenes go hand and hand for effects and feeling. And if you smoke good weed, the terps are good. Just how it is.

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