Does my honey need to be refrigerated?

  1. Sorry if I sound sassy, I don't buy THC infused honey but I'm a general honey enthusiast and I get twitchy when I see honey in someone's fridge 🙈 stir it regularly.

  2. No, honey doesn't need to be refrigerated. Who did you get it from? I've had some from Ancient Roots, Buckeye Relief, Butterfly Effect and Cokoh. They all worked pretty well for me. I only use it before bed, and it really helps me fall asleep and stay asleep.

  3. Butterfly effect, I've always been happy with their products. I'm also a little unsure of the dosage, I'm pretty much a lightweight, so, .guess it's trial and error for the desired effect. Thanks so much for your answer!

  4. Stir it well,part way through a jar of Cokoh now lemon flavored and it's killer for relaxation a teaspoon seems to be about right for me.One of the best purchases I've made.600 mg thc for 29$ on sale, I will buy it again.

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