List of processors using Botanical Terpenes

  1. When creating cannabis extracts processors can choose to add back terpenes. Terpenes are what differentiates the effects of cannabis strains. Different terps. Different effects.

  2. Lusters used to be recommended as full-spectrum oils without botanical terpenes, but a few processors started adding their botanical lines to the Luster collection. I posted this in another thread. It’s not comprehensive to everything in the program, but this is a good head start:

  3. these companies cutting the weed with some botanicals smokin Rosebud and lavender What gives. Ripping us off man putting some fucking daisies in this shit.

  4. Botanicals suck for sure. Sadly I feel like there are more and more on the menus. That just means more and more people are willingly buying them.

  5. I think newer users don’t have as many adverse effects. I’ve definitely liked them in my past but now they really taste terrible to me and they make my teeth hurt. Strangely enough.

  6. I would be happy to be wrong but based on taste alone wellspring fields definitely uses botanical terps. Bought a cart a year ago and literally couldn’t take more than a hit or two without gagging.

  7. The botanical terps can be a nice change of pace for me. The BR cantaloupe and kiwi jack luster pods taste amazing smoking all day I enjoy the flavor , but as noted , the affects of botanical vs cannnibis is non negotiable. Cannnibis derived terpenes specifically live resin are much more potent and long lasting

  8. Easiest way to avoid non cannabis derived teperenes is to choose 100% LIVE resin/rosin carts or even better carts that say 100% single strain cannabis live resin like BR live Sauce carts

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