Klutch Super Lemon Dog X Mimosa Live Resin Luster Pod

  1. These live resin oils have way more terpenes than regular CO2 oil... Terpenes are alcohols that can feel a little harsher. However, the oils are way more flavorful as a result. I loved mine and didn't find it harsh, but I used terpene heavy concentrates regularly. I would try taking shorter draws and inhaling some fresh air along with each hit.

  2. I love this strain combo in the live resin! Tastes awesome and effects are fire. My take on live resin lusters is as long as you do slower more spaced out pulls it doesn’t negatively impact the oil quality. Luster or 510 tho you can’t go wrong with this one

  3. Lusters are fine for live resin! I have this exact cart and it is phenomenal. People that say they aren’t made for it haven’t done their homework. I’ve had at least 15-20 different live resins and they are the best and the only way I’ll go. The super lemon dog x melonada live resin is easily one of my absolute favorites.

  4. I had this in its cart form. Loved every bit of it. I’d say it was worth it, It was extremely high in myrcene and terpinolene. It was effective for me.

  5. I liked it but it wasn't my favorite. It is easy to hit too hard on the lusters and that will make them taste not so great in my experience.

  6. Luster pod voltage is too high for live resin. Grow Ohio quit making their live resin in luster pods because of this. “Sips not rips” is the only way to try to enjoy live resin luster pod. I highly recommend you get a Yocan uni pro and stick to 510 carts for live resin. The luster pod voltage I think I read is 3.2 and ramps up the longer you hit it for. Turning down the voltage to 2.2 is way smoother for both live resin and normal co2 carts.

  7. YoCan Uni Pro is my daily for 510's i found the original for 30 bucks in my area the 2.0 is 50 i think. only difference is the housing shell and usb c charging. I believe voltage range is 1.8 - 4.2 or something on the

  8. Yeah I've gone through three of those pods. They were definitely kinda harsh on my throat. Their Lemon Slushee LR pods from a couple months back were even harsher.

  9. I agree about the last batch of Lemon Slushee live resin. I am still nursing a pod from a month and a half ago. Literally makes me cough every time I hit it.

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