Can someone give me a review on Riviera Creek / Wild cat?

  1. If it says Riviera Creek, Bullseye or Farkas I just keep scrolling lol I’m tired of paying $50 for 2.83 of Catnip 😩😩🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. I've had the same luck with Riviera Creek and Farkas/Bullseye. Everyone kept raving about them but I just didn't get it, especially FF/BG. Oh well, different strokes for different folks.

  3. Yeah I got the Bullseye/Farkas Blueberry Cupcake because people on here said it was fire. Had virtually no smell, was beyond dry, poorly cured, and very little effects. I have a fairly low tolerance so that's saying a lot. I threw in a Boveda and it still hasnt gotten much better. It does look fire but that's it for my bag.

  4. I like how people once again are getting downvoted for stating an opinion on such a subjective subject. They don't offer an opinion or a discussion...just downvoted. It is wise to shop around and find what YOU like in this program.

  5. IMHO. Riviera Creek as a whole is overpriced and overhyped. For me there are far better options for a much better price. But everyone is different. There are lots of people that really like them. But me personally...not a fan.

  6. I ended up getting blood orange amethyst flower, I like the taste, it is gentle on the lungs , mellow! Calming, relaxing yet mobile.

  7. I love Wildcat! RC has some issues but honestly I’ve seen people complaining about every company in Ohio

  8. I thought it was a middling sativa-leaning hybrid that was only fair for pain issues, a little peppery but not unpleasantly harsh, dry on opening the bag (as usual with RC) so I’d recommend using a Boveda or Integra pack before vaping. Downvote away if you feel inclined, but some of us respond well to a wide variety, and if RC is appropriately priced for the user, what exactly is wrong with that?

  9. I really like most of their sativas, but have struck out on their indicas/hybrids. 30% off is a good deal for their 2.83 if you wanted to just try it!

  10. The only complaint I have with RC is their lack of strains. All flower that I have tried from them has been 🔥, but I would recommend Chocolope over Wildcat. Farkas Farms/Bullseye has been my go-to for a long time. Always 🔥. You get what you pay for. That’s why those growers tend to be on the expensive end, but I ALWAYS prefer quality over quantity. That’s why I’d recommend most strains from Riviera Creek and Farces Farms/Bullseye. If your complaint is dryness, get a Boveda pack and problem solved.

  11. Don't mess w it. I've grabbed it before and the cure was trash. Garlic cookies is the only strain I've had from them that can be EXCELLENT, but they f that strain up too. Garlic cookies is their most consistent and only strain I'd recommend.

  12. I personally wouldn’t recommend anything from RC to anyone for anything. I haven’t found anything I like from them and there are a lot of mixed reviews. Some people swear it’s good but it seems like for every person saying it’s good there are 2-3 people claiming it’s way overhyped. Post a review if you wind up getting it though.

  13. I like Riviera creek. But it seems kinda pricey for what it is. I like that they do not use pesticides or PGRs. The crescendo and doughladdo luster pods are very smooth.

  14. I was wondering how those other pods were. I had the GC luster. It was badass,but I do wish they had at least .83g.Youll definitely pay for these live resin pods but damn it was good. I'd like to see them expand with more stuff. Most of their stuff always seems cleaner

  15. I haven't tried RC since first joining the program 2 years ago, please let me know what you think if you get some. Back then, I got a few decent batches of garlic cookies but then one bunk one so I got scared away. A lot can change in 2 years though.

  16. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve been trying out some new strains lately, but WC is usually still in rotation. Even if it’s just the leader of the pack if you know what I’m saying. Always start with the best bottle…like a fine 🍷 IMO It is best enjoyed while on an edible. It would be great to see it in bigger quantities on the regular.

  17. I just got this recently and now I am using a vaporizer that only utilizes about .15 but even at 190c was hitting very peppercorn and made me taste acid in my throat. Before I got the wildcat I tried a hybrid from the brand called early lemon berry and in my opinion it had a much smoother taste where I could actually taste a little bit of citrus and floral and it had a much more cozy feeling for things like reading and daydreaming or being creative. Me personally I kind of felt overstimulated on while and I also had a negative mood dip. For me I’m thinking there’s a Terpene that isn’t agreeing with me because it happened similarly on a different sativa from a different brand. Sometimes the flower is pretty sticky from this brand but the second time I bought it it was a little on the dry side but not horrible still had a strong smell like it was fresh. Pretty sure Hydro packs would be useful. If you’re having trouble finding those you can also look for the term humidifier packs. I was slightly interested in trying one of their Indica‘s to see if it would help me sleep although a few people of said the specific strain lost river was more of a giggly Indica wondering if any people have had that reaction or if they feel more tired on it? Anybody here try the jack rabbit hybrid?

  18. I tried them a year ago and got some dry garbage. Gave them another shot a couple weeks ago and got “Lost River”. Really good taste and effects on that one.

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