Woodward drop

  1. Newark is stocked. Never tried Woodward but heard their flower is great. Should I go with Animal Face, Animal Mints, Banana Mac, Blueberry Cheesecake, Grapehead, Koala Mints or Wedding Cake? I love sativa, indica and hybrids so really I am just looking for the best smell, taste and effects.

  2. As a true Woodward fan, get the wedding cake. This drop seems really really good across the board, but this batch of wedding cake is superb. And I can't say that often. Amazing flavor and heavy effects

  3. I havent been disappointed in effects, looks, smell or really any area besides dryness kinda by any Woodward flower. Animal Face is the most potent smelling herb I've had in the program. Animal Mints is the stickiest and has the most trichomes I've seen, also a good and potent smell...gave me the munchies like crazy haha. It has a nice uplifting effect before settling into sleepy time...like a true hybrid for me. Grapehead smells and looks amazing and is energizing (though personally Im not super clear headed on it lol). Sunset Sherbet is somewhat sedative for me, nice purple hues, good taste. Blueberry Cheesecake was my least favorite but even it is still some really good stuff, just personal preference kinda thing. True OG is the closest OG strain in the program that I've had to legit straight OG I used to get homegrown of in the earlier 2000s. Smell/taste is 100% OG, so are effects. I have not had Koala Mints or Banana MAC but heard those are both great too! Let us know what you decide on and how it treats ya! PS, as someone mentioned, their Minis jars are a great way to try them with a discount. You often get buds bigger than most cultivator's 2.83 nugs and the tiny ones still pack a huge punch, have the same smell/taste etc. I get the normal size just cuz I love examining nugs but the minis are the way to go if you dont care about that!

  4. Animal Face is one of my favorites. Never tried the Animal Mints but heard it is just as good if not better.

  5. Just grabbed a jar of the banana Mac that says 30.2%. Absolutely incredible. Way better then the last time it was around a few months back. One word review, DAMN. Just when I thought Woodward was dead they go and do something like this. Banana Mac and koala mints are both as high end as it gets. The wedding cake I have is a little disappointing only in that I got two of those and one each of the other. Killer drop from Woodro

  6. Woodward is, and always will be, the best bud in Ohio. Anybody that wanted to complain about price can get the minis now. God bless Dr. Ken Woodward

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