Current Favorite Flower Strains?

  1. Totally different taste and smell for the queens be kings. Kings used to be killer but I won’t get the queens again unless better reviews come along. Had a weird taste and smell and was dry (like all BR in my opinion).

  2. I've been going to BR Super Sour Orange a lot lately.... Seems to have become my primary strain of choice but as far as new strains, I really like Pure Ohio's Skunky Jack (Jack Le Pew Locally Grown) and their Amarelo (Yellow Bud Locally Grown).

  3. Electric Peanut Butter - Animal Face -Dual OG- Lemon Slushee - Super Sour Orange - Kings Mustache - Animal Mints (Certified) - Snowball - Sour Blue Diesel - DosiFace

  4. Superb strain. Love how pungent the odor is on it. Animal Face and Animal Mints by Woodward are def at the top of my list. I'm very fond of WW overall.

  5. Currently EPBC (Galenas), Banana MAC (WW) and Truffletini (Certified). I'm a fan of strains highest in limonene, any suggestions?

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