What is with Butterfly Effect recommendations? I’ve tried 4 different strains from them and just don’t see it. No smell, no taste and mild effects with every strain. Is it because it’s cheaper? I’m not trying to put anyone down, I’m just curious. I expect some gas and get some hay. Every time.

  1. Layer cake, grumpz, burkle ( get it while you can 😭), also despite the low THC percentage if you see the new lime cake and tippy toes . Ones to look for once dialed in.

  2. The Black Jack and Super Lemon Haze are typically spot on for what they are supposed to be imo.. lots of terpinolene and the SLH when it is partiularly good really has that back end haze taste. Old(er) school stuff 😁

  3. These two have been the most solid for me as well, however when it comes to the terpenes in their live resin carts they’re not any more concentrated than the normal co2 from klutch. I’ve seen whip it with terpinolene at 33mg/840mg which is almost 4%, versus live resin super lemon haze only had 3%.

  4. LH was always my favorite, and the first time I tried the SLH I was super impressed. Totally get what you mean by the back end haze taste. The feel was also really clean

  5. The luster pods do it for me, their flower not so much. Flower wise. Klutch, galenas, buckeye relief, maybe certified. Sometimes Curaleaf and pure Ohio if on a budget but buckeye relief was disappointing for me as well. The lemon g and grumpz were good, but a couple of strains over the past year didn’t really do it for me.

  6. They are very hot or miss with me too but the recent batch of lemon g is very terpy chocolate chip cookie is very good too when it's in stock

  7. I have yet to have a bad experience with Butterfly Effect. Granted the size of the nugs is tiny, but is there a single producer in our program that has normal sized nugs consistently? IF there is, I haven't had them or even seen them on this sub.

  8. Layer cake 🧄⛽️(heavy), Burkle (relaxing, pain relief), triple chocolate chip (day time indica), 91 royale (relaxing, sedative), blueberry vintage 🫐, Super Lemon Haze🧠😊

  9. Their strain Shoki is my favorite hands down across the 8 or so strains I have tried, though Shoki is the only one I have tried from them. However, their capsules, tinctures, gummies and infusion powder have all been top notch.

  10. I agree 100% Can you please help me (old guy) with this why are there so many people who like this weed/flower I don't get it ....is it in their minds? It's almost cult like.

  11. I'm not trying to put anyone down, but if you've had no luck with Butterfly, why are you still talking about Butterfly? Move on and try something else. I see no reason to blast a cultivator that isn't for you, but it may work great for others. ✌️❤️🌳

  12. The whole point of this sub is to share patient experience and feedback. He’s offering a different perspective, if that isn’t for you then move on. He’s not sitting here talking horribly about them he’s simply sharing his experience. thanks!:)

  13. Almost everything I tried, I disliked too. Burkle and Lemon G flower, Luster pods in OG Kush, Strawberry Fields and TTC (EDIT: TCC); all of them were disappointing. Then a buddy joined me for a sesh and brought SLH.

  14. Terpinolene. Welcome to the club. Search the sub for “terpinolene fans unite” to see more. Blackjack is the only other strain from Butterfly effect that has terpinolene that I’ve tried. I believe the new Mac and cheese has terpinolene too. It’s the terpene that gives me focus clarity motivation, I feel “normal”. Orange 43 and whip it are my two favorites. Super lemon haze is up there too.

  15. BE flower is on the lower end of mids in my opinion,they always look and smell great but the effects j don’t do it for me, the luster pods are always on P though, i’d rather buy on the street than grab BE flower (combustion)

  16. I've only had Triple Chocolate Chip and Crushed Berries and both were just so so. Not something I could recommend unless it's on a heavy discount.

  17. I’ve tried Black Jack, Layer Cake, Lemon G and Burkle when they had it. For me, they were as middle of the road as you can get. Are those who like it using a dry herb vape instead of combusting? I mean when I blew my first hit of layer cake out it made me sneeze. I haven’t had that happen with any strain in this program other than Layer Cake. Which was so disappointing. I only got it because someone came in to the shop I was at and left without getting anything because they didn’t have it. Next time I grabbed some and was so disappointed when I opened it up. Even more after I smoked it.

  18. Had same issue with layer cake but I’ve learned everyone’s taste & tolerance are different, what I dnt like someone else thinks it’s gas but just a hint “look for terps percentage and I find what terps you like instead of making the mistake I made looking for thc! Hope you find what you like Happy Hunting 💯

  19. First purchase in the program was Blackjack and that was my last BE purchased. Was not impressed dry tasteless. Trying different growers I found BR to be very consistent and affordable

  20. I love their layer cake when it's above 28% thc. It checks all the boxes for my medical problems. Nothing else from them does that. The pain relief is spot on in the layer cake for me. The point is that this is a medical program. There's a good percentage of us here that buy strains based on its relief values. There are many strains in the program, start branching out. Before I buy a new strain, I always come to Reddit and put the strain name in this subreddit's search bar and see the effects that it gives reported by others. These discussions are helpful.

  21. Layer cake can be stoney. But butterfly is dry af. Even with a humidity pack it takes one and a half weeks to dry out instead of a half week to dry out.

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