Todays live resin lineup

  1. I like this battery because it has adjustable temperature unlike the luster but there’s also a lot less pods available for it in Ohio unlike the Luster which just has so many different ones to choose from

  2. How are you enjoying it? The one time i had hundred percent labs (cherry star) i really liked it! Especially the taste with the ceramic cartridge! I did have a little bit of clogging issues and wished it was a bit more terp heavy tho

  3. How do you like your PAX? I haven’t had one in so long and I’m curious how the brand is. Also it looks super cool lol

  4. I just purchased a Pineapple Express, slurricane and gushers 510 carts. I opened up the Pineapple Express today and it’s amazing. The terpinolene shines through and it does have a faint pineapple taste. Overall the taste was great and it was a great cerebral high. The best part is how clean the product seemed. It was thick golden oil which i wonder if they use the ceramic because it’s thick. I personally love that because BR live resins oils are super thin. I can’t wait to open the other two I got and see how they are. I can’t be the judge off one cart but this company is definitely slept on.

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