Fireland’s Scientific price jump 💔

  1. They really raised prices on a lot of their flower too. They want $160 for 11.32g of smalls on Salty Watermelon and Chem OG. At least they haven't raised prices of their luster pods, yet.

  2. great point, i didn’t even see the flower as i was just looking at concentrates. fingers crossed that they don’t touch the luster pod prices!

  3. I bought a half of 26% Salty Watermelon for $70 at their dispensary yesterday. They do sales everyday. I always buy bulk there on Fridays and save 30% on everything.

  4. That dispensary has consistently raised prices. They literally grow out back in a different building. There's no reason they don't have a constant rotation of excellent deals happening at their own dispensery. But no they have been trying to price every tenth as high as the market will allow. Definite greed.

  5. What happened to the instagram post where they announced that they were going to lower the prices on their stuff? lol

  6. Idk but I got a half of cherry lemon G rough cut for $110.00 it’s without a doubt the best flower that I have had for the three years I’ve been in the program

  7. They are in WV now under Hillfire and The Landings so they are investing tons of $$ there with 10 dispensaries and 1 grow and processor, more than they will ever have in Ohio.

  8. Going in REVERSE indeed! Wtf man? I thought prices are supposed to go down over time. It's been a few years and all that came down to about "normal" prices is flower. And that's still overpriced, but it's in the ballpark of being an OK price. Edibles are outrageously priced and so are carts and concentrate. Carts should go for 20$ each 1g. Maybe 25$. And edibles are usually 1$ per 10mg THC. This is all just buying a small amount. Prices even lower when you get more quantity.

  9. Very disappointing, and we’ll see if others follow. To any dispos/producers reading; there’s a limit here, folks. Your customers have only so many $ to spend. Everyone suffers during inflationary times, so please tighten your belts, and you may actually have to make just a little lower profit for a bit. Most of your core patients do have longer memories and will remember who supported them during the difficult times.

  10. Not sure what the deal is with Firelands… I haven’t noticed a price increase… but haven’t been paying close attention to their stuff. Price of gas, food, and now weed going up.

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