Airo Pod. Loving the new price points on these & can’t wait for the Live Resin ones. $48 out the door. Loving the CBG & CBD for my stomach problems!

  1. In before some troll says “botanical terpenes & CBD filled”. Love these for at work & on the go & can actually dab a rig at home. I love how these medical effects help me, but obviously these aren’t for everyone!

  2. Absolutely. At the end of the day, you've got to do what works for you. As someone with Crohn's, I totally understand having different ways to medicate for different environments.

  3. I myself have Chronic Pancreatitis, a bad stomach problem, and RSO helped immensely. I was able to eat without the radiating pain shortly after. Can even eat McDonald's. I was advised to stay away from fast food. I take a drop before I eat and I've been ok. Hope this helps.

  4. You mean the type like in the syringe you can dab too? I’ve heard lots of good things but have never tried. I got to now! Thanks.

  5. I’ve heard they fit if you have one with a magnet piece you can screw on the bottom or a magnetic battery. I saw someone on another post say it worked in some 510’s. I like the battery that’s for them though. It vibrates when you inhale but some people don’t like that feature.

  6. If a filler such as another cannabanoid that is legal to buy in the US for dirt cheap, helps you out, then continue to use it! BR appreciates it lol.

  7. My first comment was already aimed at you anyways 😂😂 in before botanical troll! Wonder how many brain cells you’ve wasted on others posts 😂😂

  8. There’s a reason it’s cheap elsewhere. Filled with pesticides, enjoy 😂 This was my first Airo purchase. Money is no thang for me. I love trying out new products. Keeping on one brand will just ruin your tolerance. Rotating is the best.

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