If Rhythm is 'Mids'..then what the hell is premium? Rythm Runtz - 20.9%

  1. If you listen to comments on the Reddit, you’ll never buy anything in this program. Just get what you like and ignore the rest. I only use this group to look at labels and such. Everything else is opinions.

  2. I like to take opinions into account when buying a new product but I do agree alot of the comments are pretty dull. You can usually tell the ones that are trying to help others with their descriptions instead of "trash company everything from them is bad".

  3. (Grudging) thanks to the State for finally giving us the program purchasing freedom to sample more strains, growers, and processors, too. Each person’s experience can be so vastly different anyway - Wonka Bars is a sativa for some, an indica for others, Northern Lights a sativa for some vs. the usual lights-out indica for most - that trying a product yourself is the only method that is foolproof for medical use. Reviews can be a good roadmap, though.

  4. Quality isn't just decided by company, it's decided by strain. Almost all growers have low end mids and high quality strains. THC % has not alot to do with it. I don't even look at THC anymore, all about what genetics works best for you. I'm a fan of most og Kush strains, usually 22% or less and hits me way better than most high THC strains. I like runtz genetics as well.

  5. You should check out the Sour Kush(OG Kush X Sour Diesel) from Birdsong. Hits me like a boss. Fantastic terps ✌️❤️🌳

  6. Its all in the terpenes. Smell is VERY important. A smell can take you back years and years ago to a certain place and time. Some scents can put you in a mood, be it good or bad. Never over look terpenes.

  7. I just grabbed the black afghan and the apple cobbler despite all the “mid” comments and Jesus Christ Reddit couldn’t be more wrong lmao shits some real deal power

  8. Sorry to bother but could I ask where you found black afghan?? Recently moved here from CA and super particular to strains with origins in the Hindu Kush region and really all Afghanistan landraces. Black Afghan is such a great strain and really hard to find on the west coast. I’d not seen it anywhere but in Washington state tbh

  9. Shit and not to mention the top testing terp on black afghan was 1.54% beta myrecene and the apple cobbler had a 1.33% delta limonene. Both with over 3% terps easily

  10. I just got a half of Cokoh runtz and it is fantastic. But cokoh gets shit on here all the time. They even had a 62% integra pack in the bag

  11. Cokoh is very underrated especially for the price, I got an ounce of forbidden runtz for 100 bucks and so worth it, also sticky buns by then is amazing, some of the stickiest bud iv gotten in the program. I have not bought anything but cokoh for the last 3 months or so.

  12. All weed reddit pages are filled with know it all haters that are the most petty people in the world., Atleast 50% of them are really anal. The other 50% are regular chill weed smokers lol

  13. Y'know, I joined this sub so I could learn more about different strains available through the Ohio program and get a feel for what might work best on my symptoms, but it's basically just a bunch of folks shitting on each other for finding something that works well for them.

  14. This is why I don't ask for opinions. Just go for it. I would have never tried some of my favorites if I listened to others all the time.

  15. It looks great. This sub really has just become a place for people to complain so you have to ignore a lot of it. I have tried almost all these brands and very few have product I'm so turned off by I make a post about it.

  16. Hey man whatever you like is best. I tried two Rhythm strains and they were a miss for me. But it might just be the genetics I didn't like. Crown Jewel and L'Orange.

  17. L'Orange is easily one of my favorites!!. An exact reason why no one should listen to what people say on here.

  18. Pretty sure it's just a different pheno. I have tried the Rhythm version and the good green. The good green jars say#4 well the Rhythm jars don't. They look pretty similar though

  19. Imo and usage the weed looks prettier than it hits. I haven’t tried rhythm runtz so I can’t speak on that but I did try a black Afghan and their Jack Herer. These are on two separate occasions by the way I didn’t go on sale and load up on rhythm, I went back and gave it another shot. I’m not a brand smoker I try every flower, I expect way more out of the Ohmed weed. I know some of you weenies have a problem with that. If I see it around I’ll give this runtz a toke. Ty.

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