Best Indicas - Flower Only

  1. I second this list, those are all my go to indicas as well. I think the Lost River from Riviera is better than the G.C. Check it out if you haven’t.

  2. Just got Rainbow Chip from Farkas and it's just as good as Wonka or Problem Child! Farkas is becoming my favorite. Peanut butter Breath is weird tasting but good, didn't care for Supreme Diesel.

  3. Animal Face is technically a Sativa dom hybrid but I did get some sedation from it after initial cerebral buzz. Either way, spectacular smell and great flower compared to much of the program. I've heard others say it really helps with pain but I cant speak from exp as that's not a big Ss for me.

  4. Farkas Lemon Sunset OG, Galenas Dual OG, Butterfly Effect Sunshine Kush, Certified G Soap, Riviera Creek Lost River, Klutch ICC.

  5. Kings Mustache one of the top flowers I've tried in the program. It's hard to find anything to put me to sleep but that definitely relaxed me. Garlic breath can be good but harsh

  6. Love the taste and smell of Crushed Berries. So unique. Everyone keeps hyping NL. Is it truly dank most of the time? I am not one of those "go to Michigan" folks nor do I complain about most of what I get but the NL I got was very scraggly/stemmy nugs with not very potent effects at all. And I have low tolerance. Worth trying again in hopes I just got a bad jar? I used to love NL back in the day from a great homegrower so I know I should like the strain.

  7. In no specific order: Lemon Dosidos BR, King's Mustache BR, True OG WW, Sunset Sherbert WW, Bluberry Vintage GrowOH, Triple Choc Chip GrowOH, Crushed Berries GrowOH, Dual OG Galenas (think may tech be a hybrid), Tally Mon FS and Big Head Klutch. As I mentioned in another comment, I feel like Woodward Animal Mints has great Indica leaning effects after about 45 min to an hr after initial lift off. I've heard it's decent for pain, knocks me out and also good for inducing appetite. Of course results can very between folks! But it's my favorite strain in the program. Looks insane, tastes and smells very potent and effects are great. Best wishes on finding something that relieves your Ss and treats ya right! Edited for punctuation.

  8. I haven't seen Gelato 33 besides on their site I think...does your dispo still get drops of it? Sunset Sherbert and True OG are great for me. Their Animal Mints is a hybrid but I def get Indica effects hardcore after about an hour and it might be the only strain I've picked up in the program and been like "Holy shit" about as far as looks go. Love me some Woodward. Guess Im gonna have to try NL again. Ppl keep reccomending it so guessing I just got a bad jar. Loved NL homegrown back in the day.

  9. Problem Child from Farkas/Bullseye is excellent. Lemon Dosidos from Buckeye is also a great indica strain.

  10. Also had Northern Frostberry from Galenas when it was available for that one minute it was here. It was awesome. So of course it's never come back to menus since. It IS on menus in Michigan though.

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