Klutch Sherbhead (H)

  1. Middle of the road hybrid effects when combusted. Moderate mood lifter, no anxiety, not quite pain relieving or super stoning but nicely in the middle. Lemon, earth, slight musky dank smell.

  2. My only concern would be the packagaing date from 7 months ago. Cannabis flowers can last up to 18 months in such conditions, losing potency after around six to nine months of being in the jar. (It begins to lose its aroma and potency.) It is generally advisable to use fresh cannabis flower within six months, as most people cannot keep them in optimal conditions without fluctuations in temperature and humidity. But your bud looks 🔥🤪🤔.

  3. This was kept in jar from time of harvest through purchase date 3 months after that until now. It has been kept in a dark cabinet at room temperature for the 3 months I’ve been sitting on it trying to go through other flower. I had a glut for awhile.

  4. I blame the dispensary, I’m sure it’s been sitting on the shelf for months. I’m sure Klutch isn’t shipping out 9 month old bud. Hopefully OP got this at a nice discount.

  5. Lol packaged and sold on 2/12? Sounds like a dispensary issue. My dispensary literally never has klutch flower that’s older than 1 month from package date.

  6. Nothing but the best in our program. Like the smalls we still have to this day and have had since day one. There is no end in sight either for getting normal sized buds.

  7. About a month ago, someone who said they knew or worked in or for a dispensary, said the Klutch is bad and not to buy it. It used to be excellent.

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