Townhall meeting with LLCs

  1. I'm glad you pre-populated some of the hot button issues because many of my program complaints come at the time of an issue and then I forget about 'em. I'm talking about lack of required product labeling for terpenes, impossible to open concentrate containers, ill-informed budtenders giving my patients shit medical advice, etc...

  2. my own thinking is this, the current LLCs are profiting well in this system and do not care for it to change unless the profit goes up with the changes

  3. Really applaud your efforts,sir.I always enjoy checking out your videos on Youtube.If people ever want to have a voice in a program that's 100% about money,then they need to organize. As much complaining on this sub as I see(and many times,justifiably so) there should be plenty of feedback.Sitting back and saying "Ohio's program is so far behind" or "im going to michigan!!" does absolutely nothing nor ever will.

  4. Filled out the survey but could only select one topic out of the many shown. I chose lab results and testing because we need objective testing and more labs.

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