Anybody tried? (what’s the genetics)

  1. I liked dosidos x purple punch (by cresco of all cultivators) but I agree purple punch seems to kinda be a hype Rec strain more for visual aesthetics than effects

  2. I just picked us up from the Botanist myrcene 9.4 lLimonene 9.13,Linalool 3.54 ,caryophyllene 1.82 Smells so good haven’t got a chance to smoke it though

  3. I bought a half of the concrete jungle smalls and it was like all like barely buds .1s or smaller. Had random stems in it also. Smalls to me are still buds just small ones. So I'd be leary of the smalls. I'll never get their smalls again. Was expecting better especially at 150 a half . Complete rip off.

  4. Haven’t had this strain from them, but I just picked up the smalls of the Gazzunga from Certified yesterday and I am VERY happy. Never had anything bad from Certified, and their smalls are like normal size nugs…

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