How does my primary Doctor know I am using medical marijuana?!?!?

  1. When cannabis is dispensed to you it is also listed on OARRS, the Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System, any doctor you visit in the state can see exactly what you buy and how often. Many people here have reported having issues getting their other medications after getting their med card unfortunately.

  2. It’s funny ppl are shocked by this. I took a job as a RN in northeast Ohio from a legal state. Legit I’m shocked at how medical professionals act in this place towards cannabis. It’s seriously offensive that most ppl in the profession here honestly look at it like a “drug”. The only real reason is pharmaceutical companies when you get right down to it but that’s a whole other talk. They pay doctors to maintain this culture of cannabis not being a real form of treatment. I have a medical card only in the event I’m stopped and searched. I drive to Michigan and buy my carts recreationally because otherwise I’d be out a job. I also have to dance around drug testing etc. Kinda sucks taking a job here and now I feel like I’m a criminal because I choose a natural way to medicate for my anxiety and sleep issues

  3. The MMC doctors should warn patients of this issue prior to approving them for a card. I have looked at many ohio MMC websites and nobody mentions this issue which seems like a huge issue to me for people who already take controlled substance medications.

  4. Every month I go get my head meds my doctor jokes with me of all the names of strains I’ve bought since the last visit…

  5. This has happened to me as well. I went in for a colonoscopy and they had written “cannabis abuse” on my chart/ take home records after the fact. Super super uncool.

  6. I had an experience like this too. Went in for a routine medical procedure and it turned into an interrogation.

  7. I am prescribed addy and have my card. Doctors can be fickle-must shop around until you find one that commits to reason and Hippocratic oath

  8. It’s disgusting a doctor can prescribe you a cocktail of pills to put a hole in your brain and liver but don’t want you to smoke weed lol. Doctors stay mad because the medical field is a profitable cause, and big pharma doesn’t want to see us give our money to a natural plant that overall work’s better than most meds prescribed especially looking at the damages they do long term.

  9. I have two types of abortives for my migraines, one is a triptan and one is a cannabis gummy. Guess which one is more effective and has fewer side effects, then guess which one doctors are more likely to get judgy about. 🤔

  10. Hey there! Healthcare worker here. Because Medical MJ is considered a prescription, your doctor has full access to everything you purchase - it is a medication and they have to know interactions.

  11. My surgeon about two weeks ago said she noticed in my chart that I've used cannabis to manage a variety of issues. She asked if I was still using, I told her no since it's been out of budget. She asked if I have an Ohio card, started clicking on her laptop. I haven't ever had an Ohio card. I told her I was thinking about getting it to manage post surgery. She looked at me and said..don't do it, we'll be very limited on our pain management options. You're going to be admitted three days max and that could be a very rough three days, then to be sent home rotating ibuprofen and Tylenol after surgery. This kinda floored me. I've heard rumors about this kind of thing, family members all discouraging me from getting an Ohio card and saying to just travel a little for meds but straight from my doctor was just scary.

  12. Nurse and cannabis user here….. just drive to Michigan if you’re able and purchase recreationally …. You can still get the meds you need for the excessive pain but without being monitored like you’re on parole. Hoping you all the best in a speedy recovery 💕

  13. Not sure about in facility pain management but once you leave the most common amount of pain medication they'll give you is 3 days but it depends on the surgery. And to tack onto this, always tell the anesthesiologist about cannabis use, it can affect how much anesthesia you need (according to recent research, although more study is needed).

  14. They won’t even take me seriously at any Mercy health location because I use medical marijuana to manage 3 chronic conditions

  15. I had two teeth extracted a few months back. I was given hydrocodone with zero questions, plus a refill when i got an infecfion. I'm wondering if the no issues was because it wasn't long term medicine and for post surgery?

  16. Time for a new doctor! However, post-surgery pain won't qualify you for a card. A surgery is temporary pain VS a broken back is long term pain. Got my card one month after a surgery, doc didn't care about my surgery but approved me due to my bad back. I will say smoking did ease my surgery pain some, but not as good as prescription drugs.

  17. Told my doctor he didn't care just asked if it helped, I said yes, he said good! He said still no alcohol , I said none! He said cigarettes I said yes unfortunately, he said again try to get down to 5 a day!!! Got my Xanax refilled and left!

  18. I'm incredibly thankful that my pcp doesn't have issues with me having a medical card, nor does my surgeon. The surgeon talked to me about when to stop using before my surgery and not to mix the pain meds from them with the cannabis, but that was it.

  19. When cannabis companies start giving kick backs, vacations, cruises, golf outings..etc. like big pharma then some of these Dr's won't be so strict. Remember they practice medicine not healing. Fuck the the Healthcare system

  20. The medical program is ran by the board of pharmacy and they have to report everything to OARRS and some doctors can see what you’ve purchased but not all of them I asked my doctor and he couldn’t find anything on my purchases.

  21. When I had my last physical I had to get blood work done and givev a urine sample. My Doctor has known , I am insured through the VA. I am in a medical Marijuana state and have a card. The VA immediately canceled my script for my sleeping meds.

  22. I have had good luck with this mainly because I chose a psychiatrist that did medical recommendations. I don't get mine through him but I haven't gotten any shit for having a card either.

  23. My PCP (who I now get my Vyvanse for ADHD for since my original psychiatrist retired) also knew I was prescribed the MMJ. They now just make me do pee checks (which is annoying but I guess I understand considering the stigma of adult ADHD and also weed— both are bullshit, but I understand since they’ve only been treating me 3 years) every few months or so along with a check-in. Marijuana combined with some stimulants or certain mental health issues can be a bad experience that triggers some pretty serious side effects. I kind of rolled my eyes at that when I learned it, but now know some people who smoked their whole adult lives that got near manic breakdowns and anxiety once they added certain prescriptions including stimulants like adderall. You may be fine because everyone is different, but your doc doesn’t know that yet and is obligated to make sure you are okay and aware of the risks before deciding to proceed with giving you a controlled substance. Your doc is looking out for you and themselves. Hopefully the convo can be quick and they will continue your prescription without fuss! Edit: Added some clarity. Forgive any typos or anything. It’s barely 7am, I’m sleepy but can’t sleep :(

  24. Yeah sadly our State is filled with conservative old doctors that still think of marijuana as a street drug. I know a person that was in a suboxone program for opiate treatment and they were told they either had to quit using medical marijuana or find a new treatment program. They found a new program 😂 This state is ass backwards.

  25. It's funny how different doctors are. My pcp prescribed opioids for my chronic pain for years. He closed his practice, my new pcp would not refill the RX, she sent me to an addiction specialist, who got me off the Oxycontin with the help of suboxone. He knew of my marijuana use, still prescribed the Suboxone, tested me every time I went, and under marijuana, it would just say "presumed positive". He also asked why I hadn't looked into medical marijuana as an option. I voiced my interest in getting off the Suboxone too, and strictly on medical marijuana, and he "didn't think I could do it". (He thought I was a drug addict by choice, rather than an addict as a result of doctors prescribing, and keeping me on, these meds for years.) I tapered off the Suboxone myself, and to this day am only using the marijuana. He practically asked me to use both. Crazy.

  26. Just have to find the right doctor to get your adderrall back bro, they can see scripts via a system that’s interpol like. My doc doesn’t see an issue with my preference to maintain my adhd with adds and my preference to maintain my issues from a back and neck injury by means of something that’s not an opioid. This same thing you’ve experienced happened to my cousin, doctors are funny I guess.

  27. They now have to check for drug interaction with all your other medications. To see how they react with each other. Besides that your doctor would also have ALL your medical information at their disposal, which Cannabis is a medicine soooo.

  28. You think that’s bad try being on probation with a med card. The probation has full access to my board of pharmacy and everything, wish they’d just shoot me tbh. But eh that’s slightly off topic

  29. Same happened to me. I’ve seen 4 doctors trying to get prescribed my adhd medication I’ve taken since I was 14 (now 34) and all have denied me saying it’s a stance of their network (I’m locked in due to insurance). Had to have my wife get a prescription I’ve been using now and waiting for my medical card to lapse so I can keep getting my medication.

  30. I had two teeth extracted a few months back. I was given hydrocodone with zero questions (i didnt even ask for meds it was just prescribed. I even told them i use medical) , plus a refill when i got an infecfion. I'm wondering if the no issues was because it wasn't long term medicine and for post surgery?

  31. Yeah for controlled substances they will check the mmj registration. It'll depend on the office 's policy, a lot of Dr's have their hands tied bc they need to follow office policy.

  32. Which is "hilarious" bc one of the pros of the mmj program is supposed to be to reduce reliance on opioid painkillers... Adderall obviously isn't an opioid and it's a common prescription for a common condition so it's frustrating that mmj is a road block.

  33. Oddly enough, I get VA healthcare which is a fed organization and literally all of my doctors besides one is 110% cool about it. The one outlier doesn't tell me to stop or refuse meds (Im on a CII and CIII) but can be kinda rude about it. All doctors in Ohio can see not only that you purchase herb but also how much. One of my providers, wasn't being condescending or anything but did ask me to just pay close attention to my tolerance. (I recieve addiction counseling from him so makes sense). Whether they refuse meds or not is up to the individual doctor, hospital or network policy. I would venture to say the slight majority have no issues but many doctors are ill informed or bias when it comes to cannabis and will be bad about it. Sad some rather see you quit cannabis and need even more drugs with worse Sx to combat Ss that could largely just be handled by one plant.

  34. In Ohio the board of pharmacy controls the medical marijuana program...your PCP knows what you're prescribed/recommended. It's BS!! Also why Ohio sells in quantity of 2.83 or 5.66 instead of eighths and quarters. If you're getting a CII med prescribed to you by any of the big health systems they most likely are part of a group of doctors that don't have the balls to recommended medical marijuana because they're in such big systems (CCF, UH,Metro...etc). If you we're to get your CII med from a different PCP not affiliated with one of these anti-marijuana medical systems then you can have your cake and eat it too!! Gotta love the Ohio board of pharmacy sticking their nose in where it doesn't need to be and has no experience in!! Put it in the air!!!

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